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This is something I have never exposed before. Honestly though, that’s no surprise. I keep a lot of things to myself but that is all changing now. I like the word exposed because I feel naked sometimes when I share things that are important to me. Don’t we all! This week’s exposure is going to be my studio.

There is a studio in there somewhere, I swear!

It has always been quite small of a space. A crowded corner in the dining room or along the hallway by the attic. I never really thought I had a “studio”. I always imagined these professional artists/photographers with their 20 ft. high ceilings, humongous canvases, easels upon easels, and supplies out the wazoo! Studios so big you could zip-line from one side to the other! And then there’s my hole in the wall.

My new “supplies briefcase”. Super cool!

Eh, who needs a freakin’ parking garage for a studio anyways! I’m proud of my little corner. It’s mine. It’s all me. Completely my own. The only place in the world where I feel like I am a Master. A Ruler. A Queen.


It is my domain, my workshop, my place of solitude. I make the rules and I make the world. I can express anything I like. My selfish spot of creativity and freedom. It’s where I learn, practice, awaken, study, create, listen, feel, and become myself. My true self is alive when I am in my studio. The real me can come out and play with no ridicule, no shame, and no fear.


A studio doesn’t need a door, four walls, a ceiling, or even a floor. A studio isn’t a place to just photograph or draw. It is a place where you feel completely safe. I don’t mean safe as in you won’t get hit by a car or mauled by a bear. I mean safe as in, you can express your true nature and not feel inclined to hold back because of surrounding influences.

My future project/reference/inspiration board…thingy.

That’s why I love my studio. I can surround myself with everything I love. Everything that motivates me and makes me feel good. Sometimes I don’t even do anything in my studio. I will just sit in my chair in a daze, looking around and admiring my nest. I feel like a bird sometimes. Making a basket around myself of all my treasures collected.  Or perhaps it’s more like my bear’s den where I can hibernate.

Yes, I have a box full of feathers. Yes my drawing manikin is dancing. That’s how I roll.

Whatever it is, it’s mine. I was always embarrassed for anyone to see my itty bitty art corner. For some reason I felt like people wouldn’t take me seriously as an artist if they saw my paper and box fort I called a studio! I have gained a lot more confidence since then and have decided that’s ridiculous first of all. Secondly, I should be proud of my space. My studio is made of mirrors and everything in it is a reflection of who I am. If I can’t be proud of my space then how can I be proud of myself?

I leave open books on my desk so I’m drawn to read them more often.

I love checking out other studios and workshops. If you have one of your own, feel free to share a picture or comment below!


Until next time…

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

I love putting my son’s work in my studio. I inspire him and he inspires me.
My personal Art Library with my small but growing collection of National Geographic magazines.
These books are my obsession for the new year. Old books I’m picking back up, new books, new sketchbooks, and new journal! Yay! I’m ready 2016!
One of my most favorite quotes!

5 responses to “Free Spirit Realm”

  1. Laurie Avatar

    Yes, I’m sure it will be just as amazingly beautiful as all your art is. Looking forward to seeing it! Love you.

  2. Laurie Avatar

    I love your little corner of the world. It looks cozy and peaceful. A place where beautiful art is born.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thanks mumsy! Did you notice the Spirit sketch I had sitting on my desk? I plan on getting that done soon. My next “show piece” perhaps? We’ll see what I can do! Love you!

  3. Beth Metcalf Avatar
    Beth Metcalf

    Megan!!! I can’t talk now, but you have no idea how outstanding this is!!! Also, the “PHENOMENAL COINCIDENCE!!!” I’m screaming!!! Can you hear me!!!? DID YOU GET MY EMAIL ABOUT THE MESSAGES!!!? I’ve been talking with Michele, the Aussie. Oh my GOD!!! I KNOW we are all sooooooooooooooo connected!!! We’ll talk later! Love ya

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      I do hear you screaming actually! Haha! I emailed you back! Thank you for the comment!! Love ya!

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