Albion: The Wisdom of a Horse

I came across a “note” that I wrote on my Facebook page last year in September. It was still meaningful to me so I figured I should add it to my blog! It is about a dear old friend named Albion.

IMG_4899 WM
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
“I have been suffering lately from artist’s block or perhaps more of a mental block….For some reason whenever I start to feel a little off (okay, a lot off) I always pick up a picture of Albion and for some reason I am compelled to draw him. He was a black Tennessee Walker that my parents owned years ago. At the time, I saw him as a pretty typical horse. He wasn’t the tallest I had seen, he wasn’t the blackest I had seen and conformation wise he was just your average horse. Smooth gate as far as Walkers go but I had no special interest in the breed.


He was always the head of the herd and peacefully lived his life into his twenties. But looking back I remember Albion would always stand his ground. He didn’t take “you know what” from anyone! He wasn’t mean though. He was always so calm, going about his business. He was a pleasure to ride and he always seemed like he knew something. Like he was an old soul and he had so much experience in life. When you looked into his eyes, he looked back at you with a gentle wisdom. He gave you reassurance or a feeling of guidance just from starring into those big endless eyes. Even though so much time has passed since he’s been gone, I can still look at his picture and see those eyes. He’s still looking back at me and reminding me that beauty is all around us and when I draw his image it’s like he is still living through me. His essence or perhaps his guidance is still around me. He reminds me that art isn’t about making money or creating a masterpiece every time or even to show off a talent. It’s about allowing the universe to show me the beauty that is there every day and sharing it with everyone! Sometimes before you can see it you have to feel it, and when you do, it’s as if the blindfold has been ripped off your eyes. You see the world in a whole new light. And though he be but a horse, Albion will always remind me of that.”
IMG_4915 WM
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.” -Confucius

After reading that again, it made me smile. It reminded me of Albion. He passed away in February, six years ago. Albion was such a beautiful soul. He reminded me of a Chief. Calm, wise, compassionate, and always a lesson to teach. I took a photo of his hoof a while back and entitled it “Grounding”. That’s just how I saw him, grounded. He seemed connected to everything and therefore he had more of an understanding of everything. He was patient and kind. He was versatile, smart, a leader and a friend.

IMG_4903 Grounding WM
“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” – Steve Goodier

I have a lot of respect for that horse. I believe everyone has a totem animal or a spirit guide, whatever you want to call it…guardian angel? I know Albion is. He’s very powerful. Most horses are. I haven’t met one yet that hasn’t left a lasting impression on me. I’m starting to think that horses are more connected to things than we could ever understand or even begin to explain. It’s like I said in my note, you have to feel it. Quiet your mind and talk with a horse sometime. It’s like jumping into a canyon of intellect.

“There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it.” – Author unknown


I think it is time that I follow in Albion’s hoof prints. My mind has been scattered and unfocused. I am so easily distracted that the slightest breeze can blow me off course. This is when I can think of Albion and how calm and connected he was. He reminds me to stay grounded, plant my hooves in the dirt and become rooted once again. In doing so, I can stand firm like a tree and less like a balloon caught in the wind.

IMG_4916 Eye of the Beholder WM
There is nothing so good for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse. – John Lubbock

Albion had many lessons to teach. I keep trying to write about him like he’s still alive. Like he is still teaching me. Maybe he is. Maybe he’s my spirit guide? All I know for sure is he was a beautiful and wise ol’ horse.

What’s your story? Has an animal ever shared their wisdom with you? Animal lover to animal lover I would love to hear about it! Share a comment below!

Until next time…

Can we have one last ride? Yep, I’ll saddle up.


Albion and my mom.
Always a welcoming expression!
Ooooh, Look at the kitty!


Back in the day…





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  1. Dad Avatar

    A wise Indian once said when you love someone give them your best horse as I gave Albion to my soul mate. Dad

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      That’s really cool! I never saw it that way. Thanks for the comment dad. Love ya!

  2. Laurie Avatar

    Very nice! Albion was my heart song and I still miss him. He had a spook that could unseat the best of them, but I learned to stay on with that spook. We had so much fun together wherever we went. You sketched a beautiful portrait of him that I proudly hang on the wall for all to see.

  3. Peaceful Woman Avatar
    Peaceful Woman

    BRAVO!!! From peaceful woman

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