So Pugly

When I was in grade school, my friend had a pug. My dog at the time was Phoebe, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I adored her. Corgis are the cutest dogs in the world; in my opinion at least. My friend believed it was pugs. PhoebeWe would playfully argue on a daily basis on whose dog was cuter. I would tape pictures of Phoebe on her locker and she taped pictures of her pug on mine. So devious we were.

I honestly never understood how anyone thought a pug was cute. I thought they were ugly. I still kind of do but it’s become more of a “you’re so ugly your cute” kind of thing. I saw more and more pictures of them and realized I needed to draw one. Regardless if they are cute or ugly they made me smile whenever I saw them.

They are hilariously cute…I guess. As my son would put it, they look derpy; their wrinkly faces, their big bulging eyes. To top it off, a nose that looks like they ran into a glass door. A face only a mother could love.

Ok, I’m sorry. I’m not calling pugs ugly. Although I don’t think I can really admit to them being cute. I’ve got it! They are pugly. Yep, that’s the one.

So in continuation with my last post, here is my pugly drawing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

What do you think? Do you find them puggable or pugly? Share a comment below!

Until next time,

“Easy, pal. That’s canine profiling, and I resent it.”

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  1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
    Free Spirit Meg

    😄 Thank you!! 😄

  2. Peaceful woman Avatar
    Peaceful woman

    So cute!! You just want to give ugly a hugly. When I looked at the last picture of the eye, in the center, I see a very distinctive, heart shaped face looking back. Very enjoyable as always!!!

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