Free Spirit WIP VI

I am currently working on another equine/butterfly piece. This one features a curious foal with a Monarch butterfly. I had hoped to have it completed by now but I lost my “mojo” half-way through it. I was working heavily on the foal with graphite pencil. After a few days of that I became easily bored. I thought maybe if I worked on it while doing a live stream, it might spark up for me again. That become a lot of work and I never really got into my groove. Yesterday I decided to start working on the butterfly which is being done in colored pencils. I was happy with how it was turning out and I think I’m getting the drive back to finish it. Which is good because it’s nearly complete as it is! It will feel good to finally get this piece done! Thanks for checking in this week!


Until next time,

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

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