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ART THIEF!! Santosa Bay on Amazon

🚫⛔🚫ART THIEF!!! 🚫⛔🚫 I am so mad!! Santosa Bay on Amazon has stolen my Mother Bear design and is selling it!! They have attached Free Spirit Meg and MPhoenix in the title of the product. This is NOT ME!! Please do NOT buy any work of mine from Amazon. I only sell my work on Redbubble, Society6 and Teepublic. I have sent a request to amazon to have it removed but I didn’t get any kind of time reference to when they will even be able to address the issue or contact me. I also contacted the seller telling them to remove it immediately. Is there anything else I can do?? I’m freaking out and I’m beyond furious about this. I work my ass off to create my work, pour my heart and soul into it, spend hours editing, uploading and designing these products. And people just rip it off to make a quick buck! They take advantage of small time, independent artists in hopes of not getting caught. I really hope amazon is willing to work with me on this but from research online it seems like they dont have a good procedure for this kind of thing, if any. If anyone has any tips or advice, I would appreciate it. I thought I ensured all of my work was watermarked but I will have to go back through everything and double check. Other artists, I recommend watermarking EVERYTHING and going to the shop and making sure none of your work is stolen. They have a lot of random stuff on there.
Santosa Bay ->

7 thoughts on “ART THIEF!! Santosa Bay on Amazon”

    1. Thank you!! Someone suggested I send them an invoice for use of my work and if they refuse, take them to court. At the moment I’m trying to work with Amazon to get them removed. I also want to talk to Redbubble (that’s where I’m pretty sure they stole the images) and see what they can do about further protecting the artists on there.


  1. Wow Meg I kind of hesitated to “like” this post because I hate that this happened to you! But it is good that you are letting other artists know about it. I have read that people do that but have never known of anyone it has happened to. That is just SO not right!! I hope it gets cleared up for you soon!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve had art stolen in the past to the point people have claimed they drew it but this is the first time someone has stolen my work and tried to sell it! Infuriating!!

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