Inktober 2018 – Roasted


Roasted….get it?….because Freddy’s….eh, never mind….


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Inktober 2016

Zentiger WIP

BW Tiger WM

Ok, so this piece didn’t exactly come out as a ZIA (zentangle inspired art). The more I looked at the image, I realized how difficult it was to incorporate different patterns into this animal because it’s basically a giant zentangle all on it’s own. I didn’t want to take away from the tiger’s natural pattern so I went for a more classic pen and ink drawing. I used hatching, parallel lines to create tone and texture, throughout most of the piece. I have always liked how this looks and haven’t dabbled with the technique anymore than this drawing and some random sketches I did for “Inktober” last year.

I want to work with this technique more and I also miss doing my pointillism or stippling. I’ll be squeezing a couple of those in as well while I continue to work on my totem animals.


As for my tiger, the ink is finished. Next, I will be working on the color. This piece is considerably larger than my other totem animals, going from  5.5 in. x 8″ to 12″ x 18″. I had much more space to work with and I think it is paying off. I was sticking with the smaller size because I wanted to be sure I completed them in a timely manner. The tiger doesn’t seem to be taking any longer than the smaller pieces do and it is coming out so much better.

The next time you see the tiger, it will be completed and we will check out what symbolism they hold. Thanks for stopping by this week. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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“It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers, any more than it is to make sheep ferocious.” -Henry David Thoreau

Tiger Time!

Working on my tiger while hanging out with my tiger. So nice of her to leave me a bit of room on the edge of my chair. With that face though, she gets whatever she wants. Damn cats! Excuse the messy desk. I’m a bit cramped in my lil’ studio but I’m happy to have one regardless. I am having fun drawing the tiger. I honestly didn’t know what to do with it in the beginning but it’s starting to come together.

reference pic on




Drawing of a Colorful Cat



It has been a month since I have posted a drawing. I don’t like taking long breaks but I always know it’s coming when summer hits. There is so much going on that it is hard to keep up with. I have soooooooo many photos to go through from all the activities and travels from July and August. Not to mention the list of totem animals I have accumulated that I need to complete and research. When I go so long without getting any drawings done I start to get itchy.

I decided to keep it light and simple. I drew a picture of my son’s cat, Chloe, in different contrasting colors. It was something fun and whimsical to warm me back up. I wanted to play around with colored pencils and flamboyant colors. I’ve created other pieces like this in the past and would like to keep up with it as something I can always come back to when I need a break from my totem drawings. They are fun to create and allow me to be a little funky with my approach. What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by! Check back often for daily photography and updates on my current totem animal project.

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“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” -Nan Porter

FSM Updates: Mourning Dove WIP

Morning Dove Totem BW

I finished the ink for my latest totem drawing. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I usually have my Zentangle book handy so I can use official tangles in my work. This time I created my own tangles and was happy with the results. I want it to be 100% original and unique since this is a meaningful gift for my grandfather. I can’t wait to see how it will pop with the color added.

I want to start a realism piece very soon. I have focusing a lot on my totem animals and Zentangle as a way to clear my mind and work on my time management. It has been a while since I have created a realism piece and have decided it is time to get back in the saddle. Speaking of saddles, it will be an equine related piece, which is another subject I have neglected. I can’t call myself an equine artist if I don’t have any equine work!

I will also be working on my website. I have a lot of fun playing around with the customization and will be working on making everything neat and easy to find.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back next week to see the completed mourning dove piece and the symbolism behind this beautiful creature!

Until next time,

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rogers

The Call of the Mourning Dove

Morning Dove Sketch

It has been a crazy week and the weather is really starting to heat up! I finally started my next totem piece. I haven’t been able to get more than the sketch done at this point. I will continue to work on it and share the completed piece next week along with the mourning dove’s symbolism.

This drawing, however, is very different from the others. It is going to be a gift for my grandfather. Long story short, he has been through a lot lately and hasn’t been feeling the greatest, physically or emotionally. I haven’t seen him in sometime since we live states apart but I would still like to try and cheer him up.

I have a memory with my grandpa that I think of often. When I was a little girl, about five years old, both of my parents had to work in the mornings. They left before I got on the bus for school so for a short time my grandfather, Grandpa Pooch as I called him then, would stay with me until the bus came. We would sit at the end of our long driveway in his old truck and listen to the birds chirping. He taught me what a mourning dove’s call sounded like. We would wait to hear it and then call back to it.

Oooowoooo whooooo…. whoo…. whoo.

As a child, I felt like I was having a conversation with the doves because they would respond every time! Who am I kidding; I still do it! We did that until the bus came every morning. Now, I hear the mourning dove’s call and that’s the first thing I think of. It will be interesting to see what the mourning dove’s symbolism is.

Once I finish the piece, I will mail it to my grandpa and hopefully it will bring a smile to his face. Thanks for stopping by this week. Check back soon to see the final piece!

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“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Bashful Beaver

Beaver BW

My family and I were driving down the road a week ago and passed by a creek. We noticed movement in the water and my husband shouts, “Turn around! I think that was a beaver!” We were really excited and instantly turned around. I drove slow along side the creek and we spotted it’s head again. It was cruising along the water, minding it’s own business. Sure enough, it was beaver! We slowly crept to a spot where we could sit for a moment and watch it but as soon as I put the vehicle in park it spooked and slumped down in the water. My husband and son watched it’s tail rise out of the water and loudly SLAP down before he disappeared. I only heard it. It echoed and was unmistakable like a paddle smacking the water.

We waited for about ten minutes, hoping it would return. It never resurfaced but we could see it’s huge body gliding under the water. Then we saw another huge body swimming along side it. There was two of them! Maybe more, who could be sure but the beavers? They eventually swam away down a stream that jetted off of the creek. We could see dark holes underwater and assumed they headed home.

It was the first time I had seen a beaver in the wild! I was so excited! That is what inspired my latest totem animal piece. Next week I will share the symbolism behind beaver as well as the completed piece with color.

Thanks for stopping by this week! Have you ever seen a beaver in the wild? Share your story in the comments below!

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“Gotta get this log movin’, sonny, gotta get it movin’! T’ain’t the cuttin’ take’s the time, it’s the doggone haulin’!”

Playing ‘Possum

Opossum BW WM

I have been seeing quite a few opossum lately. Unfortunately, most of them have been roadkill. Luckily, this morning I saw one scurry across the road into the woods! Go, little guy, go! I decided my next totem animal piece was going to be the opossum. I have completed the ink and will be working on the color throughout the week.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to opossums. Many people see them as nasty rodents that carry disease and could be a threat. Some people are put off by their appearance, like a giant rat. Opossums, however, are marsupials. This means they carry their young in a pouch. They are the only marsupials found in the US and Canada. They are not disease ridden and do not carry rabies. Though they have an impressive set of teeth, they will not attack. They are…well…cowards. They will run away or “play ‘possum” rather than lunge at you or a pet.

Opossum spend a lot of their time in trees. They have prehensile tails to act as an extra limb to help with climbing. It is not, however, used for hanging upside down. Adults are too heavy to support their weight with just their tail. Young opossum are capable but it serves no purpose.

I hope you enjoyed the latest drawing! Check back soon to see the finished piece! Thanks for stopping by this week.

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“I thought we’d be dead by step two, so this is going great.”