Totem Animals: White Animals and the Flower of Life (Part 1)

Wow! This piece has been such a learning experience for me. Not in only with trying new techniques and approaches with my work but also with learning all the symbolism attached to this piece. I have read so much, my mind is blown. There are so many unintended similarities with the subjects of this pieceContinue reading “Totem Animals: White Animals and the Flower of Life (Part 1)”

Totem Animal: Polar Bear

I am very pleased with the outcome of my polar bear totem. Using blue ink instead of black helped to give the bear that “icy” look. I was very free spirited (see what I did there) in my approach to the designs on this one. The back section looks like bear claws to me. AtContinue reading “Totem Animal: Polar Bear”

Totem Animal: Reindeer (Caribou)

This became one of those pieces that is better with color rather than black and white, in my opinion. It really pops with the color and it has the depth I was looking for. I was able to fix up the body, as well, and “neaten” up my tangles. I really enjoy using my prismacolorContinue reading “Totem Animal: Reindeer (Caribou)”

Totem Animal: Skunk

This totem drawing is unique from my others. I was really worried about the black over powering the tangles or the entire image in general. I didn’t want the skunk to turn into a blob so I incorporated different colors, shades of blue and purple. I like how it adds to the “flower” look andContinue reading “Totem Animal: Skunk”

Totem Animal: Turkey

Today is the day to honor the turkey. I am happy with how this piece turned out. I used prismacolor markers along with colored pencils on this one. I think it turned out a lot better than my past totems. The colors pop and the shading was easier to accomplish. I’m surprised it took meContinue reading “Totem Animal: Turkey”

Totem Animal: Tiger

I really enjoyed creating this piece. Tigers are one of my favorite animals. I have drawn a few in the past but none in color surprisingly enough! I didn’t put that many tangles into this one or any for that matter. Tigers, I feel, are a walking Zentangle all on their own. I didn’t needContinue reading “Totem Animal: Tiger”

Totem Animal: Mourning Dove

My latest totem piece is a gift for my grandfather. It is a mourning dove with my own personal symbolism attached to it. You can check out that story here. I am very happy with how the final piece turned out. The pose is unique and active. The wings were my favorite part to draw.Continue reading “Totem Animal: Mourning Dove”

Totem Animal: Beaver

I have completed my latest totem drawing, the beaver. I am very happy with how it turned out. I enjoyed working with the colors as they blended just the way I wanted. I like how the tail came out as well. It’s like I can feel the texture of it just by looking at it.Continue reading “Totem Animal: Beaver”

Totem Animal: Opossum

Opossum have been scurrying all over the night. Have you seen any? I completed the color on my latest totem piece. I was a little worried in the beginning. It wasn’t turning out right at all. I just kept tweaking it until finally it started to look right. I should know better than to judgeContinue reading “Totem Animal: Opossum”

Totem Animal: Giraffe

With keen eyes atop an elongated neck, giraffes have amazing eyesight. They can see vast distances and have a wide peripheral. This represents being able to see what lies ahead of you. Giraffe gives you the power to see your future. You will be able to see your destination and any obstacles that may be inContinue reading “Totem Animal: Giraffe”