ZenSquirrel WIP

My latest totem is certainly one of the most interesting. The creature I was inspired to do this time is a flying squirrel. I know I have already completed the Squirrel Totem but I had to add this one to the collection. I recently read an article from National Geographic about the recent discovery that certain species of flying squirrels glow a vibrant pink when under ultraviolet light. Scientists are still trying to figure out why this happens and if it useful to the animals or not. The colors were beautiful with the hot pink in the light areas and a shade of blue in the darker areas. I decided I had to this for my next totem piece. I have the ink finished and will start the color on it today. With just the line art though it is already vivid and bright! It’s fun using different colors than I normally would. Especially pink which is a color I use the least.

Next week I will post the symbolism behind the flying squirrel. I wonder how different or similar it will be to a common squirrel. If you are interested in reading the article from Nat Geo, I posted the link at the bottom of this post. Thanks for stopping by today! Check back often for new work!

Shine bright, free spirits!

Squirrel Totem


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National Geographic Article:
Flying squirrels secretly glow pink, thanks to fluorescence


Free Spirit WIP II

I am on to my next piece. I’m working on another dog portrait to be displayed at a local  “Dogcare”. I have four pieces already finished, this will be the fifth. I am a little behind as far as matting and framing them all. These drawings are odd sizes so I have to custom cut all the mats. What a pain! When my son took me to the art shop on Mother’s Day, I bought a new pad of paper that is a standard size. Therefore, I can just get pre-cut mats and make my life much easier from now on!

Also, I’ve decided to start streaming as I work on my projects. The site I am using is PicartoTv. If your not familiar with streaming, it’s basically my own online art channel. I’ll work on my projects in front of a camera, live for all to see! While I work I can answer questions and chat with my viewers. I did a trial run last night. I’m still new to the streaming scene, so it will take me some time to learn the ropes. I’m very excited! I do not have a set streaming schedule at this time but for now I will mostly be streaming at night. Once I mess around with it a little more, I’ll do a separate post to go more in depth about my channel.

Well, that about wraps up my midweek updates. Hope your enjoying some sunshine where you are!

Until next time…

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