I first must give credit to everyone in my family. I have learned so much from just about every close relative I have. They are a constant source of information that keeps me thirsting for more knowledge. From there, I explore the shelves. I am always looking for new books to increase my library. They are my first go-to for any information I am after. Then, if I can’t find the answer in the books available to me, I turn to the wonderful wide web! I am leery about information online but I have found a couple sites that I have found trustworthy as a reliable source.


  • Medicine Cards By Jamie Sams & David Carson
  • Nature Speak by Ted Andrews
  • Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
  • The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook by Adele Nozedar
  • Native American Myths & Legends by Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz
  • Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes
  • Joy of Zentangle by Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Steen Bartholomew & Marie Browning


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