• Inktober 2021 #22 – Open

    I instantly knew what I was going to do for the prompt Open. I have a picture on my wall in my studio of my dad and I participating in my 4-H groups Open Fun Show.

    My 4-H group put on an Open Fun Show every year. It was called an Open Show because anyone was allowed to participate, not just 4-H’ers. It was called a Fun Show because it had classes that were fun and quirky. One class you had to balance an egg on a spoon while on horseback. Another class was called Ribbon Pleasure where you had a partner that you rode your horse next to, each of you holding the end of the same ribbon. Whoever was the last duo riding without tearing or letting go of the ribbon won!

    The class that I did with my dad was called Lead Line. It was a class that got the parents involved. The kids would lead there parent atop their horse, walking, trotting, whatever the announcer said. Then half way through, they would switch places and the parents would lead the kids.

    My horse was named Phoenix. He was technically a horse but he was only one inch taller than a pony’s height. So my dude was still pretty short. Plus, he was a lazy little horse. He never wanted to do anything but graze and sleep.

    My dad was 6’2 and not a small man. Phoenix wasn’t thrilled about having to carry my dad around. I think he would have rathered my mom on board but she had recently hurt her ankle so she wouldn’t have been able to lead me around the arena, trotting along. So my dad it was, sorry Phoenix. He had this look like, Great, lucky me.

    He was a trooper and hauled my dad’s heavy ars around the arena. Luckily he only had to do a few laps around so it wasn’t long before he had me back in the saddle. He would much rather deal with a little girl than a full grown man.

    It was the only class I ever did with my dad and we took 3rd place. Good job Phoenix! I guess we got marked down because they saw Phoenix rolling his eyes. 馃檮 Just kidding! 馃槣

    I hope you enjoyed today’s story and sketch. Check back soon for more Inktober sketches!

    Have some fun, free spirits!