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Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner!

Super excited to share my ❤ Valentine’s Day cards!❤ It was fun to play with my drawings and I was able to incorporate my love for corny jokes! I hope there are some couples out there that can appreciate my humor! 😂 You can order them in both my shops. Have a LOVEly day!

Let me know which ones are your favorite by leaving a comment below! You can order them @ Society6 or RedBubble!

Photo Journal

Rockets Red Glare

Happy Independence Day U.S. of A.! No one wants to sit at the computer and read blogs on the Fourth of July so I figured I would share a photo journal of all my past fireworks and flag photography. Enjoy your barbecues, have fun with your family, oooh and aaah at the fireworks, and remember those who have fought for our freedom!

Until next time,

“Quite impressive for a farmer with a pitchfork, wouldn’t you say?”


Rockets Red Glare



flag2015 print4 wm

Plasma Globe


Starlight Starbright

flag2015 print2 wm

Faerie Dust

IMG_0752 Celebration WM

IMG_0769 Dandelion WM

flag2015 print wm

IMG_0892 Star Shower WM
Star Shower

IMG_0897 Confetti WM

IMG_5831 Hot Wire WS

rodeo flag print quote wm

wk mansfield2 wm

IMG_9930 Veteran WM

IMG_4852 Spirit WM

Home of the free, because of the Brave.