Go With the Flow!

I took my son and his friend to the park about a week ago, bringing my trusty camera to occupy myself. The sky was a beautiful cerulean blue and the clouds casually drifted by. They were wispy and delicate. They eventually created a scene that stretched across the atmosphere. I instantly saw a women, armsContinue reading “Go With the Flow!”

Beauty Comes and Goes

It had rained a bit over the weekend. I was on my way home about an hour before sunset. The rain stopped and the last of the daylight glistened across the sky. As I turned on to the final road before home, I noticed about six or seven cars pulled over to the side. IContinue reading “Beauty Comes and Goes”

Head in the Clouds

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in my neck of the woods. Anothet day or two of warm weather before the chill comes. That last bit of Summer that won’t give in! I’ve been working outside all year at a thoroughbred brood farm close to where I live. The scenery there is spectacular. I’ve sharedContinue reading “Head in the Clouds”

Changing of the Seasons

Autumn has finally arrived. But before we gear up for hoodie weather and hot chocolate, I wanted to share some of my favorite images from Spring and Summer. I hope you got your swimming and gardening in while you could! The cool air is on it’s way! I will miss the liveliness of the warmerContinue reading “Changing of the Seasons”

Travel to: Kelley’s Island

There are several islands resting in Lake Erie. I’ve circled around West Sister Island a time or two. It’s a wildlife refuge for wading birds in the area. It was amazing seeing so many different flocks of birds flying around the island. Access to the island is only permitted for research purposes so we’ve never been able toContinue reading “Travel to: Kelley’s Island”

Travel to: Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

  One of my favorite places to go in my home state is Oak Openings Preserve in Swanton, OH. There are trails for just about every kind of activity you can think of…walking, biking, skiing, and horseback riding to name a few. As a child, I had the pleasure to ride on many of the horseContinue reading “Travel to: Oak Openings Preserve Metropark”

Homeward Bound

Yet again, another long haul from Ohio back to New York. It’s quite a drive at eleven hours but I embrace it. Extended road trips are always exciting for me. It’s beautiful watching the scenery change before your very eyes when crossing states. I usually get to enjoy the sun falling from the highest point in the sky and witnessContinue reading “Homeward Bound”

On The Road Again…

…to my hometown in Ohio. It’s been about a year since I’ve been back and I’m excited to see my family again! My son and I are traveling by car so we have a long road ahead of us. We’re staying for about a weeks time and have many adventures coming our way. I can’tContinue reading “On The Road Again…”