About The Artist

Welcome! My name is Meg Phoenix. I am a landscaper by day, artist by night. My life and my work are inspired by animals and nature. Growing up in the country, I’ve been surrounded by animals all my life. Trail riding on horseback was a common event for my family. There was nothing better than striding down a dirt path, the breeze gently flowing by and you hear nothing but the birds and hoofbeats echoing through the forest. It was always nice to stumble across the various wildlife in the area every now and again. Unfortunately, I can’t fit a horse in my apartment so now I spend my spare time kayaking in any body of water I can find. It’s not a horse in the woods but it’s just as peaceful and rewarding. I love the way I feel the farther I dive into the natural world. This is where I find the inspiration for my work. It’s fresh, it’s free, it’s clean and calm. It keeps my free spirited soul alive and I’m always looking for the next big adventure!

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