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  • Inktober 2023 – Part 3

    Inktober 2023 – Part 3

    Happy November! Another October has passed and another Inktober project has been completed. I finished all 31 sketches this year following the Inktober prompt list! This is my last installment to the series so we will be checking out sketches 25-31. If this is your first time stepping in, be sure to check out Part… Read more

  • Inktober 2023 – Part 2

    Inktober 2023 – Part 2

    I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by! Although, I have been quite busy keeping up with my Inktober project while also taking an online course, caring for family matters which include an 8 month old and enjoying this wonderful Autumn weather. Even the few rainy days we’ve had have been refreshing but… Read more

  • Spirit Animal: Fox Totem

    Spirit Animal: Fox Totem

    The fox was calling to me and I was compelled to create this piece. The braided fur was something new I tried out and I’m happy with the outcome. It became quite mind boggling after a while, however, I got through it and the artwork turned out so much better than I had hoped. I… Read more

  • Inktober 2023 – Part 1

    Inktober 2023 – Part 1

    Another Inktober challenge has begun and the first ten days have already passed! My theme this year is Cryptids, Beasts and Legends! Cryptozoology is the study of animals not proven by science for example bigfoot, the loch ness monster and the Jersey devil to name a few. These creatures have always fascinated me as well… Read more

  • Inktober 2022 Recap

    Inktober 2022 Recap

    Hey All! Last year, I completed 31 sketches for the annual Inktober challenge following the official prompt list. I chose horror movies for a theme, so each prompt correlates with a horror movie in some way. It can be difficult to think of things that fit with the prompt but its a great way to… Read more

  • Inktober #15 – Armadillo- 2022

    The fifteenth prompt for Inktober is “armadillo”. At first, one would wonder what kind of horror movie has anything to do with armadillos!? I heard of Them! with giant ants, there’s The Giant Gila Monster, The Rats, Bats and even a movie called The Killer Shrews. Though, were there any movies with a big, bad… Read more