#127 – Fish in the Trees – 7.19.18



#126 – Silver-Spotted Skipper – 7.18.18

Silver-spotted skipper

#125 – Frog Paradise – 7.17.18



#124 – Awwws for Paws – 7.16.18


#123 – Monster Jam! – 7.15.18

Monster Jam

Lebanon Valley Speedway, New Lebanon, NY

I’m currently going through the rest of the Monster Jam photos.

I’ll share them soon in a later post!

#122 – Kitties & Boxes – 7.14.18

kitty box

…you can’t have one without the other!

#121 – Happy Friday the 13th – 7.13.18


#120 – The Countdown – 7.12.18



My son is keeping a countdown until we visit family in Ohio!

FSM Update: Photography, Road Trips and More!

Hey All! Hope the summer is treating everyone good. We had one week that was unforgiving but other than that, it’s been nice.

I am getting a little behind in posting my Megtography. I have been playing catch up in a lot of aspects in my life so I will get to posting those soon.

I have a couple photo journals I need to share as well! I took some photos at Moreau Lake State Park a week ago. I will also be attending Monster Jam tonight and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures to share of that. Then in just over a week I will be on my way to Ohio to visit family! We will be going fishing on Lake Erie. After that, my work is having an outing to a baseball game! I haven’t been to one of those for over 20 years! There is a lot coming up and I’m really excited about it all! I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

I haven’t started my next totem drawing yet nor can I decide which animal it will be. I have been seeing a lot of wildlife lately. I saw three yellow finches hanging out together at a bird feeder, a doe and her two fawns bounding around playing in someone’s backyard and I have seen a million skunks everywhere! So many beautiful creatures yet I can only draw one at a time! I guess we will just have to wait and see what’s next!

Thanks for stopping by this week. There is much on it’s way so come back soon!

Until next time,

“I am speed. I am lightning.”

#119 – Sassy Sunflower – 7.11.18