#73 – Cheery Cherry Plum – 5.22.18

Cherry Plum

Things to do: Tulip Fest

Tulip Fest 14.jpg

I was finally able to make my way out to the Tulip Fest in Albany, New York. It’s held every year on Mother’s Day weekend in Washington Park. I have been wanting to go for the past couple years but never got the chance to. This year I just barely made it! We went on the last day two hours before it ended. My son and I went on Mother’s Day the Sunday before last. I was a little concerned when I continuously heard from others that the crowds were horrendous! By the time we got there though, we parked only a block away and the crowds were minimal. There was plenty of elbow room! The tulips and other flowers were beautiful and everyone was getting their picture taken in front of them. There were a lot of different vendors and a whole section just for art vendors! I definitely want to set up my own booth there in the future!

It was a great place to take a relaxing walk and I enjoyed the time my son and I spent together. It was a great Mother’s Day and I enjoyed photographing the park. I hope you like the pictures and if you haven’t made your way to Tulip Fest yet, I recommend it for next year! Or have you been to one before? Share your Tulip Fest story or photo below! Thanks for stopping by.

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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

#72 – Bed for Baby Bunnies – 5.21.18


Baby Bunnies


Playing ‘Possum

Opossum BW WM

I have been seeing quite a few opossum lately. Unfortunately, most of them have been roadkill. Luckily, this morning I saw one scurry across the road into the woods! Go, little guy, go! I decided my next totem animal piece was going to be the opossum. I have completed the ink and will be working on the color throughout the week.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to opossums. Many people see them as nasty rodents that carry disease and could be a threat. Some people are put off by their appearance, like a giant rat. Opossums, however, are marsupials. This means they carry their young in a pouch. They are the only marsupials found in the US and Canada. They are not disease ridden and do not carry rabies. Though they have an impressive set of teeth, they will not attack. They are…well…cowards. They will run away or “play ‘possum” rather than lunge at you or a pet.

Opossum spend a lot of their time in trees. They have prehensile tails to act as an extra limb to help with climbing. It is not, however, used for hanging upside down. Adults are too heavy to support their weight with just their tail. Young opossum are capable but it serves no purpose.

I hope you enjoyed the latest drawing! Check back soon to see the finished piece! Thanks for stopping by this week.

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“I thought we’d be dead by step two, so this is going great.”

#71 – Creeping Clematis – 5.20.18


Creeping Clematis.jpg



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