• Day 1: Ohio Trip

    Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken with my phone since we have arrived. It’s been a chill visit so far. We went for a nice bike ride, visited my brother and his family and ate dinner at Chipotle’s. I have more pictures on my Nikon but I won’t be able to share those until after I get back.

  • #15 – Almost My Bday!

    I have a trip planned to NYC this weekend for my birthday! My friend flew up from Ohio and we are leaving by train bright and early tomorrow! Tonight we just hung out and went to the casino! Tomorrow…the real fun begins! I will post all my pics next week. I know there will be tons to go through!

    My first slot machine! 5.31.19

    Lantana 5.30.19

  • #14 – Lacrosse Practice & Drawing Time

    This was the only photo I took today. Wednesdays are busy for my family but I always get a chance to draw during practice!

  • #13 – Cozy Rozi

    Rozi was looking pretty cozy laying in her bed tonight. Oh, the life of a cat.

  • #12 – Memorial Day Weekend

    It’s been a busy weekend. Here are my daily photos I took over the last three days. We had a cookout with the family, went kayaking at Kinderhook Lake and enjoyed the awesome weather! I hope everyone enjoyed the time with their loved ones and remembered to honor those we have lost.

  • #11 – Lilac Lover

    My favorite thing about this time of year is the scent of all the Lilac blooms! It’s heavenly and the wind carries it everywhere! I could bury my nose in these flowers all day long! It makes me instantly happy. 😊

  • #10 – All the Colors

    First rainbow I’ve seen this year and it was right before my son’s concert with his cello. 5.23.19

  • #9 – Puny Piney

    Yesterday was a tiny toady. Today is a puny piney. I’ve never seen pinecones at this stage! They we a pretty pink and purple color. So cool! 5.22.19