#13 – Mr. Owl – 8.20.18

Napping buddies.

#12 – Catnip – 8.19.18

  My catnip is growing nicely.

#11 – Zentangle Moth – 8.18.18

  I found this moth. Seems like he has his own zentangle pattern to show off. Edit: This is a Harnessed Tiger Moth.

#9 – Surly Snake – 8.16.18

This guy slithered out of the garden we were weeding today. He was not happy to be caught as he knotted up and tried to bite. We quickly let him go about his day. 

#8 – Jiminy – 8.15.18

The crickets were huge today! We found a ton of them. When I was little, we would catch them in the garden and feed them to our geckos. Yummy!

#7 – Sphinx Moth Caterpillar – 8.14.18

  Found this beautiful caterpillar in the weeds today. There are so many cool and colorful kinds to discover!

#6 – Symmetry – 8.13.18

  We did the landscaping at a church today. The interior was almost perfectly symmetrical.