• Inktober 2021 #11 – Sour

    The eleventh prompt for Inktober is “Sour” and is probably going to be my personal favorite. Unfortunately for my dad, he was the one left sour!

    My mom, dad and I had just sat down to dinner with our own generous helpings of hot spaghetti! We were hungry and just about ready to take our first bite when we heard the ever so familiar sound of a rumbling thunder on the ground outside. It’s the sound that horses make when they get out of the pasture and run like hell towards road!! They rushed passed the windows in the room we were in and we all immediately jumped up and ran outside to catch them!

    When the horses get out, you go into an instant state of action! The only thought in your brain is to catch the horses before they get to the road! So thats what we all did! It took a while but long story short, we wrangled up the horses and got them back in the pasture.

    We were relieved the chaos was over and happily returned to our dinner that was waiting for us this entire time. It was only then that we realized what we had done.

    My dear and beloved corgi, Phoebe, was left in the house all alone while we were running around outside. When we walked back in the dining room we saw Phoebe in my dad’s chair, two bites away from finishing his plate of spaghetti.

    Now Phoebe loved my mom and me but her relationship with my dad was different. They more or less just tolerated each other. My dad was okay with animals, as long as they had a job to earn their keep. The cats caught mice, the hunting dogs hunted and the chickens laid eggs. But Phoebe was my chubby little companion who was lazy (except when chasing chickens), spoiled and did whatever she wanted. My dad would never do anything to Phoebe because she was my best friend and she knew it. She seemed to mess with him because of this like…Haha, what are you gonna do about? She enjoyed picking on him.

    So the fact that she went for my dads plate instead my mine or my moms just made it all the more hysterical. Although, my dad was not laughing. The spoiled corgi struck again!

    My mom and I gave a little from our plates and no one walked away hungry. Especially not Phoebe who had the largest serving out of all of us.

    It’s a memory that my mom and I still laugh about today. I’m glad I was able to share it with you through my Inktober project.

    Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow to see #12, Stuck.

    Protect your spaghetti, free spirits!