• Inktober 2023 – Part 3

    Inktober 2023 – Part 3

    Happy November! Another October has passed and another Inktober project has been completed. I finished all 31 sketches this year following the Inktober prompt list! This is my last installment to the series so we will be checking out sketches 25-31. If this is your first time stepping in, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see the first 24 sketches of the collection and get a rundown of my project!

    This chart came out amazing! I am so happy with it! It is fun to see them all lined up together and comparing the size differences. Now, let’s take a closer look at our last few creatures!

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    1. Dangerous – The Wendigo is a creature from Native American legends. The wendigo was once a man who was lost and starving in the woods. Out of desperation, he turned to cannibalism and ate the first poor soul he came across. Because of this atrocity, he transformed into a horrible monster with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. His arms grew longer, his teeth are sharp as well as his claws. He looks emaciated and his skin is ash color. Some depictions show the wendigo with antlers but this is not true to the original stories told from Algonquian mythology.
    2. Remove – Some cryptids ARE real! The Okapi was removed from the cryptid list in 1901. It took over a decade to prove their existence. They inhabit the rainforests of the Congo and are also called Forest Giraffes. They have long striped legs like a zebra, a deep brown coat, ossicones (“horns” that look like a giraffe’s) and stand between 5-6 ft tall at the shoulders.
    3. Beast – Werewolves were first recorded in 2100 B.C. and even today, people have reported seeing “dogmen” in the wilderness. The Beast of Bray Road and the Michigan Dogman are some popular ones in the U.S. Is there a new species of bipedal wolves hiding in the woods or are a few unlucky souls transforming into these beasts, cursed by the moonlight?
    4. Sparkle – Fairies are a part of many culture’s folklore. There are several different variations. One of the most commonly known descriptions is a small person from 3-5 inches tall with wings. They can be friendly or they can be tricksters or they can be downright mean.
    5. Massive – Mokele Mbembe is a massive cryptid that is believed to live in the Congo. This long lost dinosaur is described as having the body of an elephant, a long neck and head like a snake and a long thin tail. It is estimated that they are around 13 ft. tall.
    6. Rush – The Beast of Gevaudan terrorized the people of France from 1764 to 1769. It slaughtered 100’s of livestock and attacked countless victims. It was described as being like a wolf…but not a wolf. It had a black stripe down its back and spots on it’s sides. Some believe it could have been a hyena or an adolescent lion that escaped from a private collector’s home. Others believe it was a werewolf. Whatever it was, you certainly wouldn’t want this creature to rush past you!
    7. Fire – The Felixstowe Fire Demon was an alien creature witnessed by a man in England in 1965. He was compelled by an unseen force to leave his vehicle and walk into the woods where he came across a humanoid figure engulfed in flames. He does not remember anything else of the encounter. His two friends that were with him that day said a strange aircraft about 6 ft. wide hovered over the car and made a high-pitched hum.

    Phew! That was quite a monster mash up! Have you ever seen any of these beings with your own two eyes? Share your close encounter in the comments below! And let me know which sketch was your favorite!

    I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

    Stay spooky, free spirits!

  • Inktober #14 – Empty – 2022

    The fourteenth prompt for Inktober is “empty”. I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to approach this prompt until I started thinking of all my horror favorites. The perfect one popped in my head for the word empty and it was Insidious (2010).

    At this point, I have seen so many horror and monster movies that it is really hard for one to actually scare me. When I first watched Insidious, I was definitely freaked out. The story was right up my alley as it taps into astral projection and getting lost outside of your body (which has always been something that has freaked me out). It also had some parts that literally made me jump out of my seat. The “big bad” was very creepy and something I had never seen before! It easily became one of my favorite horror movies!

    As I had mentioned, one of the main characters astral projects while he is sleeping and gets lost in the dream world, leaving his body an empty vessel. I won’t say anymore in case you have never seen the movie. I recommend giving it a watch this Halloween season if you really want to get the heebie jeebies!

    I really like how this sketch came out and it has slid to the top of my list of favorites for this project. Sometimes, the image just falls onto the paper and everything goes exactly where it is suppose to. Plus…. it’s so creeeeepy!

    Have you seen the movie, Insidious? What did you think? Leave a comment below! Check back soon for the next prompt, armadillo. Thanks for stopping by today!

    Sweet dreams, free spirits!