• Inktober 2021 #4 – Knot

    The fourth prompt for Inktober is knot, which really isn’t a lot to work with when thinking of my favorite memories with my dad. I decided to do a drawing of the survival bracelets that we made one of the times my son and I were visiting my parents over the summer.

    It seemed like it would be an easy task. We had picture instructions and we each tried to make our own bracelet together. The easiest part of the entire thing was cutting the paracord to length we needed. It also also easy to attach the cord to the first clasp piece. After that though, none of us really knew what we were doing. It was one of the most frustrating experiences we had together! 馃槅 No one knew what the pictures were trying to show. My son was so mad because he couldn’t figure out the braiding. My dad’s fingers were too big for the fine work leaving him frustrated. I was frustrated because I had a hard enough time on my own while also trying to help my son to encourage him so he wouldn’t give up (even though I wanted to as well). And my mom was trying to help all of us and translate the instructions! It was so ridiculously difficult. I don’t think anyone wanted to admit they didn’t enjoy it because it was a family activity but we all knew the activity totally sucked.

    It’s one of those things we laugh about now but those dumb little bracelets really got our blood boiling! I don’t even know why it was so difficult. It was probably all self inflicted! 馃ぃ But we got through it together and everyone finished their bracelets. Sometimes, frustrating days can become great memories. Now, every time I wear it, I remember the time we spent together.

    …but I will never try to make another one!