• Inktober 2021 #22 – Open

    I instantly knew what I was going to do for the prompt Open. I have a picture on my wall in my studio of my dad and I participating in my 4-H groups Open Fun Show.

    My 4-H group put on an Open Fun Show every year. It was called an Open Show because anyone was allowed to participate, not just 4-H’ers. It was called a Fun Show because it had classes that were fun and quirky. One class you had to balance an egg on a spoon while on horseback. Another class was called Ribbon Pleasure where you had a partner that you rode your horse next to, each of you holding the end of the same ribbon. Whoever was the last duo riding without tearing or letting go of the ribbon won!

    The class that I did with my dad was called Lead Line. It was a class that got the parents involved. The kids would lead there parent atop their horse, walking, trotting, whatever the announcer said. Then half way through, they would switch places and the parents would lead the kids.

    My horse was named Phoenix. He was technically a horse but he was only one inch taller than a pony’s height. So my dude was still pretty short. Plus, he was a lazy little horse. He never wanted to do anything but graze and sleep.

    My dad was 6’2 and not a small man. Phoenix wasn’t thrilled about having to carry my dad around. I think he would have rathered my mom on board but she had recently hurt her ankle so she wouldn’t have been able to lead me around the arena, trotting along. So my dad it was, sorry Phoenix. He had this look like, Great, lucky me.

    He was a trooper and hauled my dad’s heavy ars around the arena. Luckily he only had to do a few laps around so it wasn’t long before he had me back in the saddle. He would much rather deal with a little girl than a full grown man.

    It was the only class I ever did with my dad and we took 3rd place. Good job Phoenix! I guess we got marked down because they saw Phoenix rolling his eyes. 🙄 Just kidding! 😜

    I hope you enjoyed today’s story and sketch. Check back soon for more Inktober sketches!

    Have some fun, free spirits!

  • Inktober 2021 #17 – Collide

    Now this is an interesting story. It’s one that I will never forget. I was pretty young. My dad and I went trail riding together. Usually, it was a group of us going or at a minimum it would be me, my mom and my dad. But for some reason this day, it was just me and my dad. I was on my first pony, Prancer, and he was on his Tennessee Walker, Albion. He was quite a bit taller than my little pony but we kept up good.

    I don’t remember seeing any other people that day. It was quiet and peaceful in the woods. It was nice being the only ones around. We came down a part of the trail that was a little narrow but plenty of room to get by. We were in a single line at this point with Prancer walking behind Albion. Ahead of us, to our surprise were two deer laying on either side of the trail. They were right on the edge of the path and directly across from each other. My dad and I slowly walked the horses towards them expecting them to jump up and take off when we got close. We would see deer all the time on trail rides, sometimes in close proximity. They were more comfortable around the horses so they wouldn’t run off until the vary last minute.

    Not these deer though. They didn’t budge. They must have been pretty comfortable because they stayed right in there beds and watched us walk towards them. We were shocked and looking back and forth from each deer as we walked right up beside them and stopped. It was unbelievable! If they stood up, I could have touched them. Prancer noticed them but didn’t really care. Albion was in the lead so the deer were towards his back end. I don’t think he ever noticed them really. They did have good camouflage and they weren’t moving a muscle. We stood there for a few minutes just enjoying the encounter and not saying a word.

    I’m not quite sure what the deer had initially planned but one of them started to stand up. I don’t know if she was going to leave or walk up to us to give us a sniff but there wasn’t any time to figure that out. As soon as the doe moved, Albion realized there was a creature there! It literally scared the sh!t out of him….no, im serious! It…. literally …. scared the crap out of him. Please excuse my vulgarity but he blasted a poo out of his rear so fast it shot Prancer right in the chest! It splattered all over him in the blink of any eye! The intensity of the blast then spooked Prancer because he had no idea what just hit him. So Albion bolted in one direction from fear of the deer, Prancer turned around and started booking it in the opposite direction in fear of the blast and the deer were just as shocked as we were and they took off in opposite directions as well! Everyone chose a different path and ran like hell! My dad and I didn’t even have time to know this had all happened. Luckily, neither one of us fell off but Prancer certainly caught my surprise when he whipped around in a split second and bolted. We got our horses back under control and met back up with each other. That’s when my dad saw the evidence all over Prancer’s chest and we realized what had happened.

    I was not thrilled about having to clean poo off of my horse when we got back to the house. Now that I think about it, I should have said to my dad, “You should clean it, your horse did it!” 😆

    It was quite an experience that I will never forget. It was something that at first seemed so poetic….and then it turned into a comedic tragedy. 🤣

    I wasn’t exactly sure how to put this in a sketch so I tried to give you a birds eye view of how close we all were and what the setting was like. It’s interesting to try and put a whole story into a quick, little sketch. I hope you enjoyed this one. It’s one of my favorites! It’s been a while since I have told this story.

    Check back soon for more to come!

    Stay vigilant, free spirits!

  • Inktober 2021 #15 – Helmet

    My dad was always a stickler about safety. …Always wear your seatbelt, always be cautious around power tools, never look at the light from the welder and always wear your helmet!

    Thanks to my parents, I was lucky enough to have a horse as a kid and compete in horse shows for 4-H and Pony Club. We also went trail riding often in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana…where ever the trail led! Every once and a while I could get away with not wearing a helmet but most of them time (99%) I had to wear my helmet. Even though my dad never had to! 🙄😝 Just kidding. I didn’t really mind most of the time. It was drilled in our brains the risks of horseback riding and not wearing a helmet. Plus, once I switched from western to english, I was more inclined to jump the fallen logs and shrubbery through the trails. It was a lot of fun. Sometimes, at Oak Openings (a local nature preserve and park) my parents and I would come to a long stretch of path that was pretty wide as well. We would gallop from one end to the other and see who could get to the other side faster. Last time I remember doing that, my dad won on Big Jake.

    I had a lot of good times at shows and on the trail. I’m glad I have so many memories on horseback with my dad. Too many to share in one post but there are a couple more equestrian related sketches coming for this project so you’ll be able to hear another horse tale in the future.

    Thanks for stopping by! And always wear your helmet!

    Stay safe, free spirits!

  • Intober 2021 #6 – Spirit

    Spirit was an easy prompt to think of a sketch related to my dad. He had a horse named Spirit. He was a beautiful horse. He was a Spotted Saddle Horse with unique markings. My dad loved trail riding and enjoyed horses with a smooth gait which is what attracted him to Spirit.

    Spirit had a lot of…well…spirit! I loved watching him run and buck around the pasture! He was full of it! I think he really made my dad feel like a cowboy.

    My dad definitely wanted to be a cowboy his entire life. I remember seeing an old picture of him dressed up as one when he was little. His favorite movies were westerns and don’t get me started on how much of a fan boy he was for John Wayne. He always thought mounted shooting was cool too but he never got the opportunity to learn. He was still a cowboy in my eyes. The more western he incorporated into his outfits, the cooler I thought he looked. The leather vests, the bolo ties and of course the classic cowboy hat and boots.

    It’s not just the clothes that make the cowboy though. It also takes a faithful steed. Thanks to Spirit (and a few others over the years) my dad became what he always wished he could be. They had a lot of great adventures on the trail. And when they were together, they were united, like a cowboy and his horse should be.

    Thanks for stopping by today. Check back tomorrow to see #7 – Fan.

    Ride like the wind, free spirits!

  • Inktober 2019 #7 – Plague

    Inktober 2019 #7 – Plague

  • Horse of a Different Color

    I’ve had some of these beauties hiding in a folder on my computer and decided it was time to share them with the world! I have literally gone horse crazy with my Horse Totem drawing (originally done in colored pencil). I’ve been wanting to get better with my photoshop skills and in the near future would like to get a digital drawing tablet. Yes, the digital age has finally grabbed me. So here are some designs I’ve created for horses of a different color! Which one is your favorite?

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    Purple: rdbl.co/2FZ2n1N
    Pink: rdbl.co/30p9ybz
    Green: rdbl.co/2RYxPSR
    Yellow: rdbl.co/2L5YoEP
    Blue: rdbl.co/2V4ddsW
    Orange (Plain Background): rdbl.co/2UVeRx0
    Orange (Pattern Background): rdbl.co/2NDsrWM

  • Totem Animal: Horse

    I am happy with how his piece turned out. The mane was a lot of fun to draw. It resembles fire which is funny because I have always struggled with drawing fire, yet this came easily for me. Now that I have this concept in mind, I will have to experiment with fire again. I had to change my perspective a little to figure it out.

    Like the orca, I did not add any tangles to this totem. I don’t know why. I easily could have but I just wanted to play around with the fading colors and the shape of the mane. I wanted the mane to be the focus of the entire piece. It’s wild and free just like the horse, which will lead us to our symbolism.



    The horse has been an amazing companion throughout the history of mankind. No other animal has made a bigger impact in the lives of humans than the horse. They’ve aided us with traveling long distances, they’ve carried men through wars, provided the power needed for agriculture and entertained us with racing and horse shows. Horses have been by our side since cavemen. If you have horse for a totem, consider yourself extremely lucky.

    The horse is a symbol of travel. They have always carried us where we need to go, making travel between cities and families easier. They also were used to deliver goods and news from place to place. They were the first to show us what it is like to have wings. If the horse has crossed your path, it may be time for you to take a trip. Are you stressed? Do you need to get away for a while? Let the horse take you away and show you what it’s like to fly. They will show you what it’s like to feel free again.

    I loved riding my horse, Skyler, through the open fields by my childhood house. Once they have the open space, they will run as fast as their thundering hooves can carry them! The tears streak from your eyes! It’s a rush. The horse is a strong symbol of freedom. Remember to keep this spirit with you always. Do not stay tied down, no matter how domesticated you feel. Even domestic horses let go and let the wind guide them, their manes flowing wildly. Use this energy in your own journey to freedom. Live a little.

    Horses are the greatest symbol of power. Each color of the horse represents an individual strength. The black horse rules dreams and the dark. They will guide you and show you how to find the light. The chestnut shows us the power of remaining playful and remembering the joys of life. They show us how to have fun. The palomino shows us the power of teaching others and sharing our enlightenment. It is important to help others when we can and guide them to find their own strength. Finally we have the white, or gray, horse. They are the unity of all the powers and your mount to and from the spirit realm. The white horse teaches wisdom and that wisdom cannot be obtained if power is abused. Keep all this in mind as you trot down your path in life. It will take you far!

    Last but not least, the horse represents sexuality. The stallion is a strong representation of this. The stud. Need I say more. Strut your stuff, honey! You look mighty fine. Just don’t get too cocky. Wouldn’t want to take a kick to the face.


    I hope you enjoyed this week’s totem. It has been a long time coming. Horses are my favorite animal and have played a huge role in my life. They have truly changed my outlook on life. Do you have any great horse tales? Share your story in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by!

    Stay wild, free spirits!

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  • Horse WIP

    I am surprised it has taken me this long to do my favorite animal as a totem. I’ve been wanting to tackle it for a while now but it kept getting put off. I finally made time for it and present you with the ink for the horse totem. I know I say this for every drawing but I am really enjoying this one. The mane has been fun to play around with. I can’t wait to get the color done. Once again, I did not add any tangles to the animal. It just didn’t call for it I guess. I wanted the mane to be the “wild” part about this piece. What do you think?

    Check back next Monday to learn about the symbolism the majestic horse holds! Thanks for stopping by!

    Stay wild, free spirits!