Photo Journal: Beloved Pets

I was finally able to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a while yesterday. I brought my camera so I could mess around with it some more and get a feel for the different lenses. I took pictures of her pets who are always a pleasure to see. She has one dog, Country, and two cats, Smokey and Bella. Her son was visiting as well and brought his pup, Ruby, for a playdate. Bella was hiding the entire time so I wasn’t able to get a picture of her but I got the other three. They are so adorable, as are most animals in my opinion. Ruby is a young, energetic pup that wanted to play and be in everyone’s lap. Country enjoys silence, order and naps. Smokey the cat is a big, fat love muffin. Just make sure you have your back brace on before you pick her up. She is a total Garfield!

I hope you enjoy their sweet faces as much as I do. What do you love about your pet? Share your story in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by this week!

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“Maybe the legend of dogs coming from wolves is jus… is just wrong. Maybe, like, maybe one puppy asked his mom, “Where did we come from?” And the mom said “Woof.” And the kid was like, “Oh wolves?” And she was like, “Yeah, fine.”



DeSoto: A Heart of Gold

RIP DeSoto

It’s hard to say goodbye when someone has been at your side for ten years. On March 10th, I had to say goodbye to my greatest friend, DeSoto. He had been with me nearly his entire life. I received him from a friend of a friend when he was no more than a few months old. He was so tiny at the time with big dopey ears that stood straight up. He came everywhere with me; he was my shadow.

DeSoto has been all across the country with me. He was with me when I had my first place in Ohio. Then we moved to Tennessee, back to Ohio, then to New York where we have been for the past seven years. He would sleep by my side every night and even after I got married, my husband had to compete for his place next to me. DeSoto was always there. His love was truly unconditional and he expressed it often. He would squeal with joy every single time I got home like he hadn’t seen me in years; even if I had just ran down the street and back. Usually the knuckle head would be so excited, he would headbutt me in the face. It hurt like hell but I couldn’t be mad. He could not contain his excitement!

He was a mutt. We guessed something between a rottweiler and a black lab. Don’t ask me where those pointy ears came from though. That will always remain a mystery. Regardless of his pedigree, he was a very handsome dog. He had a shiny black coat and was always toned. He loved to run, although, his beloved Sasha could always outrun him. He was an incredible jumper as well. He could easily clear any backyard fence he came to. No matter though. He would never run away. He would just come to the front door and paw at it, as if he was knocking to come in.

He was very obedient. He wanted to please anyone and everyone he met. He was your typical happy hound and he loved being a dog! He was good at it. He would be so hard on himself if he did something wrong, I could barely scold him. Half the time, I didnt even know he did something wrong until he would rat himself out with his guilty manuerisms.
He was a good boy. He had an affect on everyone that met him. His genuine happiness rubbed off on all. I miss him dearly. I believe we were meant to be together. He wanted nothing more than to just be with me. I am a huge animal lover and have always had a strong connection with every creature I meet but DeSoto was so much more. It’s hard to explain. I literally feel like I’ve lost a peice of myself. Everytime I open the door, I’m sad he’s no longer there to greet me. I often feel the need to let him outside so we can chill in the sun together but then I remember he’s gone. He would always be there when I was sad to comfort me and let me hug him as long as I needed. Now when I cry, it’s for him and I want nothing more than to squeeze him tight.

I guess it just takes time. Time heals all wounds, right? I just need to keep thinking of the great life we had together. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have had such an incredible friend at my side. DeSoto taught me to enjoy every second we have. There is no need to dwell on the past. Everyday is a new day and our attitude is what makes everything brighter. DeSoto was a friend to all and had no prejudice. We could all learn a thing or two from such a loyal and loving heart.
This is for you buddy. I miss you tremendously but I will always stay positive and embrace everyday, just like you did.

Until next time,

“Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul.”


Boxing With Art

I have finally completed my Boxer portrait. It took me longer than I would have liked but you can’t rush art. I find myself using more and more charcoal as I keep creating new pieces. It makes it easier to get the contrast I like in the shadows. The only problem is charcoal is very soft and it spreads far. A little bit goes a long way. With this piece, I went a little charcoal crazy and the entire Boxer came out nearly black. I had to go back with my eraser and add a bunch of the highlights in the fur.


The other challenge with the dark face was the eyes. In the reference photo I was using, the Boxer’s eyes were completely blacked out. I looked up other images on the internet. In nearly every picture, you could barely see any detail in the eyes. They are all very dark and the pupil appears to be huge, dulling the eye. Add the natural dark brown tint most of them have and the only thing left to see is the light reflection. The puppies seemed to have brighter, more colorful eyes. I tried to bring out the brown hues but it honestly looked odd if the eyes were too bright. So I slowly added more and more shading until I found a happy medium. I was able to make the brown, almost burnt sienna eyes pop out a little more but still keep the true naturally dark eyes that Boxers have.

With specializing in eyes, this piece was definitely a challenge. But with adding more tools to my belt, I’m able to continue working on bringing out the most detail. For this piece I used…

  • charcoal pencils (obviously)
  • graphite pencils
  • colored pencils
  • copic markers
  • Artist’s pen

The artist pen I just got a few days ago. It is so fine tipped that I can get the microscopic lines and hairs to make the image crisp and more precise. It’s my new best friend. It also helps keeps my signature neat and clean on the portrait!

Overall, this is not one of my favorite pieces. Although I did learn quite a bit while creating it so I can’t be too displeased. It’s definitely not my worst piece either.

What do you think? Leave a comment and share below! Thanks for reading!

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“It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

Free Spirit Familiars

11189779_1572719099654707_1006592493_nWith being such a big animal lover, I figured it was time to introduce you to my familiars. First, let’s start with Sasha. Sasha is our 15 year old white German Shepherd. My husband belongs to her. She is quite a queen bee, of course she is at that wise old age. She gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Mainly because she won’t stop bugging until she gets it! We got her when she was about six from my husband’s aunt. His aunt was moving to a place that didn’t allow dogs. Who could turn down a beautiful white shepherd…for free! So we took her home and she has been a part of our family ever since. She was a great nanny to my son while he was a baby. She would always lay near him and lick his cheek, ever so gently, when he cried. Now that he’s older, she can get the special treatment! She’s content as long as my son says hello to her everyday when he gets home from school. On our walks, she has to say hello to every person that passes by. She is also quick to remind us when it is feeding time as she brings her bowl to us and drops it on our toes! Ouch! Thanks Sash! Though she is quite demanding, I couldn’t imagine our family without her!

11189515_975629605788727_1554221993_nNor could DeSoto. I’m DeSoto’s human. I got him as a pup, not more than six months old. He was the runt, always very timid. He is my best friend. He is always right up my butt, especially when I first get home. He is frantic and hyper and simply cannot control his excitement! He isn’t that young anymore, passing his ninth birthday this year! I still see him as my young pup though. He’s always eager to go on a nice car ride with me. His favorite thing to do is run like a banshee through the woods. I’ve never been one for leashes and collars so I set him loose with his blue bandanna ’round his neck and he takes off! He likes to act all big and bad when other dogs come by but he is seriously afraid of his own tail. Although he be a coward, he has proven several times that he will protect me if I am in danger. He really puts me on a pedestal and for that I treat him as my familiar.

They are the best canine companions any human could ask for. Now don’t get me wrong, they can really push your buttons. In the end though, my life is richer having them be a part of it!

Who are your fuzzy friends? I would love to hear about them! Leave a picture or a comment below!

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“Ya won the jackpot! Charlie, I’m proud of ya.”

These are the portraits I did of them in 2008. I think it’s time for some fresh ones!
Here’s some more photos too!
IMG_2726 (2)
Her Majesty…
…and the jester.
Sasha loves water!
Megs Pics 013
What a ham!
Megs 164
She loves her ball!
DeSoto’s baby picture