Manatee Totem in the Shop!

Good morning art lovers! I am super excited to announce that my Manatee Totem is now in the shop! I have so much fun designing these products and it adds a little twist to my drawings. I design the backgrounds on photoshop and they really add to the image! I get to play around withContinue reading “Manatee Totem in the Shop!”

Totem Animal: Manatee

Manatees are the “Buddhas” of the waters. They look like heavy, cumbersome boulders yet they glide through coastal waters gracefully. They swim slowly, peacefully at about five miles an hour but can reach up to 15 in short distances. Manatees live in small groups called aggregations though sometimes males create larger groups during mating season.Continue reading “Totem Animal: Manatee”

#20 – Art & Tunes

3/30/18, Megtography #20 – Art & Tunes – I enjoy putting on some headphones, listening to my favorite songs and drawing some pictures. Good way to spend the day. Working on my next totem animal!