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Manatee Totem in the Shop!

Good morning art lovers! I am super excited to announce that my Manatee Totem is now in the shop! I have so much fun designing these products and it adds a little twist to my drawings. I design the backgrounds on photoshop and they really add to the image! I get to play around with so many different colors and it gives me ideas on how I can make my drawings better as well. I use to be strictly a graphite pencil artist but I’ve realized that has changed, a lot! Now I use ink pens, colored pencils, art markers and now photoshop! I’d say I’m more of a mixed media artist now. But don’t worry, I still have a lot of pencil ideas a’brewin! I want to get back into my “Eye” series. I had a lot of fun doing them and people seem to love them! My totem animals just kind of took over! That’s ok, though. The totem animals will be an on-going thing. They will never end, not until I have drawn a totem for every animal in existence. I’m not sure if that is possible in a single lifetime but I will certainly try! Anyways, now I’m rambling.

Here are some of my favorite Manatee products but there are so many to choose from! You can see all the products available in my shops at

Redbubble & Society6

There are also prints (framed and canvas as well), yoga mats, coasters, notebooks and journals, tapestries, serving trays, keepsake boxes and so much more! Any and all sales are greatly appreciated and will help me grow into a full time artist…which means more and better art!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping, free spirits!

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Totem Animal: Manatee


Manatees are the “Buddhas” of the waters. They look like heavy, cumbersome boulders yet they glide through coastal waters gracefully. They swim slowly, peacefully at about five miles an hour but can reach up to 15 in short distances. Manatees live in small groups called aggregations though sometimes males create larger groups during mating season. Their diet consists of marine grasses, algae and seaweeds. They have teeth like horses to grind up their food and their intestines can reach up to 100 feet long!

So has the mellow sea cow drifted across your path? What is their message? Peace and tranquility, of course. Slowing down and not letting life blow right by you. Take time to glide through the waters; appreciate life. When Manatee presents itself to you, it is time to let go of violence and aggression. Let anger roll off your back like a gentle wave. There is no need for it now. Be calm. Be cool. Just Be. Clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and open it to new ideas. Ideas that put you at ease. Peace and tranquility. Far out!

Manatee also show us to cherish our closest friends. We only find a few true friends in our lifetime and we need to appreciate them. Keep them close and value the strong relationships you have made.

I really enjoyed creating the totem drawing for manatee. I was a little nervous about how it might come out for the simplest fact they are gray blobs with paddles floating in water. I think it worked out though in the end. I used one of the tangles from my book and it gives it an old “Mayan stonework” look. I am still working on the coloring which shows off the green algae that sticks to the manatees backs. I will be sharing the finished piece in a later post.

What do you think of Manatee? Have you been in a situation recently that called for some peace and calming? Share your story in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by this week.

Until next time,

“Anything is possible when you have inner peace.”




Ending quote from movie: Kung Fu Panda


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#20 – Art & Tunes

Drawing Day

3/30/18, Megtography #20 – Art & Tunes – I enjoy putting on some headphones, listening to my favorite songs and drawing some pictures. Good way to spend the day. Working on my next totem animal!