NYC – The Arrival

There were a lot of firsts when we arrived in New York City. To reach our hotel, we had to ride the subway and then walk a few blocks. I had never ridden the subway before. It is crazy how fast they are! There was a lot to take in while we headed to ourContinue reading “NYC – The Arrival”

NYC – The Train Ride

I have so many photos to share and go through from my New York City trip that I’m going to break it up into groups. The first group is “The Train Ride”. It was about a two hour ride but it didn’t feel like it on the way there. It was my first time onContinue reading “NYC – The Train Ride”

#87 – Season End – 6.9.18

  My son played his last lacrosse game for the season this weekend! It was a lot of fun and he had a blast. While I was photographing his game, I accidentally discovered a crazy setting on my camera (Nikon D5500). Luckily, I figured out how to switch it back to normal! Although, the picturesContinue reading “#87 – Season End – 6.9.18”