• Totem Animal: Opossum

    Opossum Totem

    Opossum have been scurrying all over the night. Have you seen any? I completed the color on my latest totem piece. I was a little worried in the beginning. It wasn’t turning out right at all. I just kept tweaking it until finally it started to look right. I should know better than to judge a piece before it’s finished! What do you think?

    So what message do these nocturnal marsupials have to share? It’s what they do best of course! Play dead!

    It is time to think strategically, like the crafty opossum. Have you found yourself in an uneasy situation. Is someone trying to put you down or spread rumors about you to make you look bad? You may want to scream that individuals head off but the opossum is not one to use the claws right off the bat! When a predator approaches, the opossum will drop dead, emit the “death stench” and slow it’s heart rate. This throws the predator off. In the confusion and a quick glance in the other direction, the opossum can run to safety. Use this tactic with your own situation. “Play dead” and let it go. If you ignore hurtful words and let them roll off your back, the individual inflicting it on you loses all their power. If rumors are being spread, let them fade out on their own. Others will see the truth and you will win in the end! Do not add unnecessary drama to your life when you can simply “play dead” to the situation. In doing so, you will achieve greater victories than if you show tooth and claw.

    On the other hand, maybe you’ve been “playing dead” too often or when it doesn’t call for it. Have you been making excuses instead of facing the facts or being honest with the people around you? You might be trying to avoid hurting others feelings but you must learn how to tactfully tell them the truth of the matter. Remember, you do not have to explain yourself to anyone but white lies are not a good alternative. Be strong and use your head. Think strategically.

    Thanks for stopping by this week. I apologize for the delayed post but I finally got ‘r dun! Do you have any stories to share about opossum? Leave a comment below!

    Until next time,

    “All these moments will be lost in time. Like…tears in the rain. Time to die.”