Help Me Help Pets!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, pets are being abandoned all over the world due to city-wide evacuations and/or misguided fears that animals can carry the virus. It is heart breaking to hear that many are left on the streets while others are starving as they are trapped indoors. To help in the efforts to rescueContinue reading “Help Me Help Pets!”

#77 – Gardens & Other Things – 5.26-30.18

I need to do some catching up on my Megtography. Sorry I missed the last few days. Memorial Day weekend and work have kept me busy. Here are the last few photos! Enjoy!  

#37 – Cute As A Button

  4/16/18, Megtography #37 – Cute As A Button – or in this case, cute as a Chloe. I displayed the color photo as well because you don’t notice she is sticking her tongue out in the black and white photo. I disturbed her nap so she was telling me what she thought about myContinue reading “#37 – Cute As A Button”

#32 – Spoiled Rotten

4/11/18, Megtography #32 – Spoiled Rotten – So much that she believes my son’s bed is hers….as well as all his toys which she scatters across the house….demands her bowl be cleaned daily….has to be the in the middle of everything…..AND…..we LOVE her so much!!!!

Shout Out to Pete

We have been having some great weather in my neck of the woods. I hope the same goes for you. I can’t wait to spend all my days outside again! I plan on doing some outdoor sketching this year. I haven’t done that in quite some time. At the moment, I am finishing up a beautifulContinue reading “Shout Out to Pete”