• #123 – Monster Jam! – 7.15.18

    Monster Jam

    Lebanon Valley Speedway, New Lebanon, NY

    I’m currently going through the rest of the Monster Jam photos.

    I’ll share them soon in a later post!

  • #116 – The Greatest Friends Are Cousins – 7.8.18


    Moreau Lake, New York

  • #110 – Tunnel Vision – 7.2.18

    #110 – Tunnel Vision – 7.2.18


    Tunnel vision

    Finally got the kayaks out! It felt amazing on the water even though the heat index was well over 100!!

    Burden Lake, Upstate New York

  • #109 – Masks & Funny Faces – 7.1.18

    #109 – Masks & Funny Faces – 7.1.18

    Masks & Funny Faces

  • #87 – Season End – 6.9.18

    #87 – Season End – 6.9.18


    Blue Devils.jpg

    My son played his last lacrosse game for the season this weekend! It was a lot of fun and he had a blast. While I was photographing his game, I accidentally discovered a crazy setting on my camera (Nikon D5500). Luckily, I figured out how to switch it back to normal! Although, the pictures came out really cool because of all the colors so I photographed his whole game in that setting.

  • #63 – Rain Game – 5.12.18

    #63 – Rain Game – 5.12.18



  • Travel to: Kelley’s Island

    There are several islands resting in Lake Erie. I’ve circled around West Sister Island a time or two. It’s a wildlife refuge for wading birds in the area. It was amazing seeing so many different flocks of birds flying around the island. Access to the island is only permitted for research purposes so we’ve never been able to step foot there.

    One island that does invite the public is Kelley’s Island. It’s over four square miles and is 2016 KI0922the largest island in Lake Erie. There are wildlife preserves, hiking trails, camping, water related activities such as kayaking and scuba diving and much more. My family and I made
    a day trip of it. We rode the ferry over and drove around the entire island first, to get a feel for it. We stopped at the winery to grab a map and adventured through out the rest of the island checking out the shops and sites.

    One of my favorite attractions was the glacial grooves. It’s a 400 ft. by 35 ft. crater where the Wisconsin glacier gouged2016 KI1137 through the limestone over 30,000 years ago. There were fossils all along the edges. It was a beautiful formation.

    It was a quaint little village with a great family atmosphere. We got some ice cream, went for a swim, and had an awesome day overall. If your looking for a calm and relaxing day out, Kelley’s Island is a great place to start.

    Have you ever been to an island before? Which one and what was your favorite thing about it? Share your story below in the comments! Thanks for checking out my latest post!

    Until next time,

    “You’ve been chosen. The Island awaits you.”

    2016 KI0911

    2016 KI1130

    2016 KI1014


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