Footloose & Fancy-free

I had a random thought. I know… this could be dangerous! Have you ever heard the saying, “No one will be looking at your feet.”? Well first of all that is a bold face lie. I can’t tell you how many times I have received compliments from someone about my boots. I also can’t tell you how many jokes I have heard about my goofy shoes or my mix match socks or the occasional snarl my mother gave me when she saw me wearing my holey converse. Damn, I miss those shoes. Furthermore, can you honestly tell me you have never seen someone wearing bright orange high tops from a mile away! So long story short, people most certainly notice your feet!

Kinderhook Creek 2012
2012- Kinderhook Creek- Nassau, NY

Have you ever thought about all the different things your feet have done? Where have they taken you? We stand on them for hours, stub toes, drop things on them (which I did twice this week and it friggin’ hurts!). I think I speak for many when I say I’ve broken every toe at least once. I can’t tell you how many horses have stepped on my feet!

stallion expo MI 2010 2
2010- Big ol’ Belgian hoof- Stallion Expo, Grand Rapids, MI

Don’t forget my phsyco dog that will run past me in a random act of excitement, digging his claws in my foot. How many of you have put a boot or slipper on and got a delightful sting from a creepy crawly? And oh yes, my personal favorite, stepping on a nail!

cp, ny feb 2015
2015- Feb. Clifton Park, NY

Our poor feet take quite a beating. It also seems like we push our pain tolerance when it comes to our feet. I mean, without them, we have to sit on our asses all day and who has time for that? Who cares if I have to hobble?! I need to get where I’m going!

Ambulance garage, easter 2015
2015- Easter day

Have you ever ran outside barefoot? I mean straight up ran! It’s so refreshing. The bottom of your feet have more sensory nerve endings than any other part of your body. Stepping on the prickly yet soft grass makes you smile (just look out for dog poo:P)!

Sarasota Beach 2012
2012- Sarasota Beach- FL

Wiggling your toes in the sand and feeling the water skim back and forth across the tops; I bet you can’t find me one person that doesnt love that! I took a trip to Florida and I tell you what, five days of walking those beaches made my feet look gorgeous! I had no calluses and they felt so soft and smooth. It was nice. I’m not usually one for pampering but yea…that was nice.

Battlefield Park Lake George 2015 2
2015- Battlefield Park- Lake George, NY

I feel like this extremely over looked part of our body needs a shout out. I have been collecting photographs of my feet and the places they have taken me. I never had any expectations for these photos. It was more of a personal collection of mine. It’s one of those silly “creative type” things I guess. At this point I have so many I figured it would be a neat project to share. Perhaps it’s something you may want to start doing. Once you start paying more attention to your feet, from an artist’s perspective, there are so many cool possibilities.

Sarasota Beach 2012 wm
2012- Sarasota Beach- FL

Fun fact time! Did you know 25% of our bones are in our feet alone. If your feet are out of whack, your whole body suffers!

kinderhook creek 2012 (2)
2012- Kinderhook creature track (just kidding it’s mine) Kinderhook Creek- Nassau, NY

Moral of the story is: take care of your feet and follow them to adventure! Remember… even if you have two left feet, cold feet, a lead foot, your dead on your feet, have a foot in the door, following someone’s footsteps, getting off on the wrong foot, getting your feet wet, have one foot in the grave or putting your foot down….you can’t get anywhere without them!

What have your feet gotten you into? Leave a comment below and share your story!

Until next time, you stay classy San Diego!

oak openings mothers day 2010 2
2010- Mother’s Day- Oak Openings Nature Preserve- Swanton, OH
Clifton Common 2014
2014- Clifton Commons Playground- Clifton Park, NY
Dingman's Campgrounds nassau ny 2012
2012- Dingman’s Campgrounds- Nassau, NY
Goold Orchards- 2013
2013- Goold’s Orchards- Castleton, NY- my son’s cute little feet
Camwow is a very fun app. Try it!
kinderhook creek nassau ny 2012
2012- Kinderhook Creek- Nassau, NY
Nassau Lake 2010 2
2010- Nassau Lake- Nassau, NY
p365 day117- Iroqious Steeplechase- Nashville, TN 2008
2008- Iroquois Steeplechase- Nashville, TN
paul- spirit 2008 OH
2008- Clip Clops and Converse- Delta, OH
Saratoga National Historical park 2014
2014- Saratoga National Historical Park- Saratoga Springs, NY
second bridge ny 2010 2
2010- “Second Bridge”- Nassau, NY
tugboat round up waterford 2014
2014- Tugboat Roundup- Waterford, NY
William K. Collins Jr Park Clifton Park NY 2014
2014- William K. Collins Jr Park- Clifton Park NY- The balance beam!
Million Dollar Beach Lake George 2015 2
2015- Million Dollar Beach- Lake George, NY

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