Free Spirit Flashback

I came across a bunch of old sketchbooks and school projects the other day. It’s really funny to look back and see the drawings you did as a kid and compare them through the years. I thought it would be neat to do a timeline of my work for my latest post. I wasn’t able to find something for every year but this is what I have right now. Here is a blast into the past of Free Spirit Meg.


(5 years old)

It was my favorite movie at the time.
Just in case it wasn’t clear.


(10-11 years)

My home state.
I won a school contest in 5th grade with this drawing.



Well…That is not what happened at all. I did however move to Tennessee right after my 20th birthday. We lived right on the border of TN/KY. So that was eerily close. I never did get to race in the Kentucky Derby. I never got that brand new Dodge. I did, however, drive a ’98 Ranger. (Horse trailer not included.) I don’t own 100 horses, nor do I own 100 acres. Both are still a dream yet to be seen in reality. I am not an author though I did start this blog after all. I also have a million journals lying around the house and books out the wazoo. I haven’t talked to Ashley Smith probably since the year I wrote this. She is actually a body builder now. She looks completely different. I’m not traveling the world with her either. Although since I turned 20 I have been to Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Vermont, and Massachusetts. I have lived in three of those states. So the traveling is the same and I plan on doing more! The best part about that project is the last sentence. “At least I can experience being a kid again.” Even though my life as an adult was spectacular I still wanted to be a kid a little longer. I had my priorities straight!


(12 years)

Yes, I still have all my beanies. I’m a 90’s child, what can I say.



(13 years)



(15 years)



(17 years)



(17-18 years)


We had to replicate a famous painting on a piece of furniture. This use to be a stool. The piece I chose was Andy Warhol’s “Close Cover Before Striking” 1962
This was when I first started dabbling with colored pencils on a serious level. This was Goldie, my cat at the time.


(19 years)


One of the first original pieces I put up for consignment at a shop in Swanton, OH.


(19- 20 years)

“Quincy” – I started offering commissioned work this year.


(21 years)

“Leo” – This was the year I completed my first series. It was of the Astrological Zodiac. I am thinking about redoing it in the near future.


(23 years)

“Faith” -My first sale from consignment in a shop in Schodack, NY. It was bought for a bride by her groom.


(24 years)

“King” -I started doing a lot of art shows this year and showcasing my work. I joined Art ‘n’ Soul Inc. after my sale the previous year and worked with agent Janet Tanguay.
“The Eyes Have It” -Little did I know, this piece would give me the exposure I never expected. This piece was a turning point in my career.


(25 years)

“Mother’s Comfort” -I did this for a Mother’s Day art show I was a part of.


(26 years)

“Tyler” -Because of all the attention from “The Eyes Have It”, I was receiving requests to do the same style with family pets.


(27-28 years)




So here we are. I have come a long way since the first time I “drawed” a picture. I guess I was just born to do it! I can’t wait for what future years may bring!

Until next time,

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”






2 responses to “Free Spirit Flashback”

  1. Yes, it goes by so fast!!! I still have some of your “treasures”. I will come across them every once in a while looking for something else and I can’t help but smile.

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  2. I love the “Goldie” and barn siding with the hole in it! That is wonderful you saved priceless treasures from the past. Have you written a new letter to yourself about how you see things ten years from now? Thank you for taking time to share yourself, Peaceful Woman

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