Gettin’ Busy!

Spring is well in bloom. The animals are twitterpated. The sun is hot and beaming. The work load has increased and….what was that thing I was suppose to do? Oh right! Have a post ready for Monday! I’m sorry I’m late folks but this season has been go, go, go since it started. I’ve been meeting tons of new people, working outdoors all day long, creating art all night long, and spending time with my family. My life is so packed right now and it’s quite awesome to be honest. I am very tired, of course, but the more I achieve the more I want to do! I’ve started a new drawing which I will post about later this week. I also completed a wedding gift earlier this week. Again, I will post this later so I don’t give away any surprises. So for today, I hope you will enjoy some images I have taken recently through out my busy life.

What spring projects are keeping you busy this year? Share a comment below. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

“Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.”

IMG_0423 WM

IMG_0428 WM

IMG_0452 WM

IMG_0470 WM

IMG_0471 WM

IMG_0475 WM

IMG_0476 WM
The owner of this piece calls this “Penelope’s Bum” after the sculptor who created it, Penelope Jencks. It really cracks me up!
IMG_0586 WM
Been watching this guy and his siblings grow up in a friend’s tree.

IMG_0564 wm

IMG_0560 wm
All the pollen/seeds falling from the trees. It’s like walking on clouds.
IMG_0511 WM
All those little black dots are tadpoles. This was only a small portion that speckled the entire pond.
IMG_0484 WM

IMG_0482 WM

IMG_0481 WM

IMG_0480 WM

6 responses to “Gettin’ Busy!”

    • Thanks!! They started piling up on me so I figured it was time for a photo journal! Hope your enjoying the sunshine! 🌞☀️🌞☀️


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