Totem Animal: Frog


You can hear them calling. It’s like a choir in the night. What are they singing? Native American teachings say they are calling for the rain. Frogs embody water medicine. Water surrounds their entire existance. They begin life in the water and they must learn to swim with it. Only when they have mastered fluidity do they transform. Then they can leap out and venture forth! 

If Frog has hopped along your path, it is time to heed your emotions. What baggage have you been carrying around with you? It disrupts your inner peace and prevents you from growing. That is why Frog has found you. It calls for the rain in order to cleanse your soul. The water washes away the filth and leaves your spirit bright. Frog tells us it is okay to cry. Our tears flush our bodies of the negativity we have buried inside. Once we eliminate what has been weighing us down, both mental and physical, we can grow by leaps and bounds!

I’ve been seeing a great deal of frogs lately. I enjoy listening to them. It is truly music to my ears. I was inspired to do my latest zentangle piece of the frog. It was easy to match tangles to the texture of the frog’s skin. I think it’s amazing how patterns are all around us and we don’t even notice. That’s why I can’t stop doing zentangle inspired art. It opens your eyes in a whole new way! It’s phantasmagorical! It’s a real word, look it up! Thanks for stopping by this week. If you need some rain, I hope it pours for you! 

Until next time,

“Take a look above you. Discover the view. If you haven’t noticed, please do.”

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