Drawing of a Colorful Cat



It has been a month since I have posted a drawing. I don’t like taking long breaks but I always know it’s coming when summer hits. There is so much going on that it is hard to keep up with. I have soooooooo many photos to go through from all the activities and travels from July and August. Not to mention the list of totem animals I have accumulated that I need to complete and research. When I go so long without getting any drawings done I start to get itchy.

I decided to keep it light and simple. I drew a picture of my son’s cat, Chloe, in different contrasting colors. It was something fun and whimsical to warm me back up. I wanted to play around with colored pencils and flamboyant colors. I’ve created other pieces like this in the past and would like to keep up with it as something I can always come back to when I need a break from my totem drawings. They are fun to create and allow me to be a little funky with my approach. What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by! Check back often for daily photography and updates on my current totem animal project.

Until next time,

“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” -Nan Porter

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  1. nanasworldweb Avatar

    Awesome drawings!😀

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thank you!! <3

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