Totem Animal: Turkey

Color Turkey WM

Today is the day to honor the turkey. I am happy with how this piece turned out. I used prismacolor markers along with colored pencils on this one. I think it turned out a lot better than my past totems. The colors pop and the shading was easier to accomplish. I’m surprised it took me this long to incorporate my markers. I am going to start using them with all my pieces from now on.


Turkey Symbolism

The turkey is a huge symbol for connecting with nature. It is known as the Earth Eagle. The males have fleshy growths that hang over their beak called “snoods” that they use when challenging other males. This “snood” represents for the third eye. It is time to open our own third eye. Mother Earth will share her wisdom and guidance. Turkeys are a symbol of the harvest and using the land properly to nourish ourselves. Turkeys live in large groups representing abundance. They live full lives with full bellies and we should be doing the same along side our family.

It can be easy to get lost in the materialistic battle to “get ahead” but it is time to stop thinking that way. It is not about how much stuff you have but rather how many lives you have touched. Instead of focusing on personal gain and keeping everything to ourselves, we must share what we have with others. We shouldn’t be greedy but instead have an open heart and be sure that everyone is taken care of. 

The turkey is a powerful symbol for Thanksgiving. They are the biggest teacher of self sacrifice and giving. The turkey sacrifices it’s life to feed us. We must show respect for the turkey. We should be willing to make sacrifices, as well, to help others in need.

Let us remember to give this Thanksgiving and help anyone who may need it. The holidays can be difficult for many. It is important to look out for each other. Give away!


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a lovely time with your family and get stuffed with yummy food! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Let us know in the comments below. If it’s turkey, remember to show your respect.

Until next time,

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”


Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson
Ending quote by Maya Angelou




5 responses to “Totem Animal: Turkey”

  1. Laurie Avatar

    “we should be doing the same along side our family” Yup! Anyhow, the turkey totem is beautiful.

  2. nanasworldweb Avatar

    Wow! That came out great! Can’t wait to see your online store! 😀

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thank you!! I’ll share a post when it’s ready. Still needs a lot of work but I’m getting there!

  3. navigatingmylifewalk Avatar

    Incredible, one of my favorites thus far!

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thanks! I have a new found fire lit under my booty! I’m ready to get some work done! Im also going to be opening an online store so I can start selling prints and Free Spirit merch! So excited!

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