Inktober 2021 #2 – Suit

The prompt for day two is “Suit”. When I think of suit and my dad together, the first thing that comes to mind is my aunt’s wedding. I suppose it’s not necessarily the event that I remember but more so the picture we have from it. I do remember a few things from that day even though I was very young. Maybe only four years old, but I remember “dancing” with my dad. Rather, he was holding me and he slowly swayed back and forth to the music while holding one of my hands. I also remember sitting at our table together but that’s about it.

What I really remember is the picture. We had our picture taken in the traditional family group pose that comes with weddings. It was from left to right, Me, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, my brother and last but not least my dad. This picture popped up in family discussions many times because of how ridiculously tall my dad was compared to everyone else! He was by far the tallest person at the wedding, period. The only person that was close was my grandpa but my dad still had him by a few inches. He towered over everyone. In this picture, his head is literally almost touching the ceiling! It was always funny to look at and I was always very grateful to my dad. Because of him, I knew I wasn’t going to be short like the rest of the family. And so it was. But then, I realized the tall person curse of having to grab everything from the top shelf for the shorties all the time. 😂

I always looked up to my dad, literally and figuratively. His lessons are always in the back of my mind and still today he encourages me to strive.

Stand tall, free spirits!

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  1. Laurie Avatar

    Your drawing makes me laugh! Very good likeness.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thanks!! Me too! 🤣 It had to be done!

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