Inktober 2021 #12 – Stuck

Just a short but sweet entry today. I’ve shared in previous posts how my dad and I were “pals” when I was young. I stuck to his side like a bad rash! Everything he did, I wanted to do too! This prompt made me think of a picture of us together that my mom took. My dad and I were reading together. Except for some reason, I felt the need to lay on my dad’s back like he was my personal couch. I guess it just seemed like the right thing to do, more comfortable than the floor! My dad didn’t seem to mind so we both just quietly read to ourselves.

I barely remember this day but I’m glad I have this picture to jog my memory. Otherwise, little things like this would be forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by today! Come back tomorrow to see #13, Roof.

Remember the little things, free spirits!

2 responses to “Inktober 2021 #12 – Stuck”

  1. Laurie Avatar

    LOVE THIS!!!

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thanks! 😊 💙 Me too!

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