Inktober #8 – Match – 2022

The eighth prompt for Inktober is “match”. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this one. My first thought was a match to light a fire. My second thought was match as in a couple, like the perfect match. Then I thought well maybe a match as in a game.

There are a couple horror movies plotted around video games that I thought of but it didn’t feel right. There were a couple horror-related couples that I could think of but that didn’t feel right either. Then I thought of another one of my favorite horror movies out there, The Conjuring.

Many would agree that this was a fantastic movie. It gives you chills all throughout and the story is great. Plus, it is based on true accounts that real life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren experienced. Which now that I have said their names, I realize they happened to be a perfectly matched couple! If you have never heard of them, I would recommend looking them up. They are very interesting people.

Anyways, there is a scene in the movie where the lights go out and the main character is forced to use a match to see what is in front of them. The only problem is they should have been more focused on what was behind them! I don’t want to spoil the movie so if you haven’t seen it and are looking for a good horror that will truly give you the heebie jeebies through out the story rather than gross you out with gore and violence, this is the one!

In fact, there are many great horror movies that coincide in the Warrens universe. The Conjuring now has two sequels, plus, the Annabelle trilogy and The Nun are all stories related to the Warrens and their encounters as demonologists in real life. Spooky!

Have you seen The Conjuring? What are your thoughts about it? Leave a comment below! Check back tomorrow for the next prompt, nest.

Strike a match, free spirits!

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  1. Laurie Avatar

    I didn’t see the movie, but I did make my own video that is very similar to your drawing for Halloween. It turned out pretty good.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Spooky!! 😱👻 You’ll have to show me.

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