Inktober #11- Eagle – 2022

The eleventh prompt for Inktober is “eagle”. I was a little disappointed with this sketch. This was another prompt that I had a hard time pin pointing a horror movie to go along with. There was only two I could come up with while researching it online. The first one was Night of the Eagle (1962) which is a British horror that was renamed Burn Witch Burn when it was released in the US. I had never seen this movie though and I only wanted to do sketches of movies I have seen.

The second movie I came across was Night at the Eagle Inn (2021). I also had never seen this movie but luckily I found it was available to watch on one of the streaming services I use. I was able to watch it before Inktober began and because of lack of inspiration, this was the movie I chose for my sketch.

Honestly, it wasn’t a great movie. It wasn’t the worst movie I had seen but it was not the best either. The plot brings us to a large, seemingly empty hotel called, you guessed it, Eagle Inn. Two siblings are investigating the mystery behind their deceased mother and missing father. What they didn’t realize was that this was one of those hotels that you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. ;P

I won’t say anymore in case you are interesting in giving it a go. Although, be warned I found it a bit boring. If you want to watch a great horror based in a hotel, grab The Shining.

Have you seen Night at the Eagle Inn? What did you think? Snooze-fest or Scare-fest? Leave a comment below! Check back soon for the next Inktober prompt, forget.

Thanks for checking in, free spirits!

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