Inktober 2022 Recap

Hey All! Last year, I completed 31 sketches for the annual Inktober challenge following the official prompt list. I chose horror movies for a theme, so each prompt correlates with a horror movie in some way. It can be difficult to think of things that fit with the prompt but its a great way to exercise my creativity and I think of a lot of great movies to watch for the season! I have so much fun with Inktober and it is an amazing way to stretch out my fingers and do something different from my main body of work. My work improves tremendously every year that I participate!

I wanted to share last years collection one last time before I move on to my 2023 collection! I did something completely different this year! I am still sticking to the official prompt list but my theme and approach are unique from the ways I’ve done it in the past. Check back later to see the first installment of Inktober 2023!

In the meantime, enjoy last years sketches and let me know what your favorite one is in the comments below! Did I do your favorite horror movie justice? Thanks for stopping by today!

Stay spooky, free spirits!

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