Homeward Bound

highway mntYet again, another long haul from Ohio back to New York. It’s quite a drive at eleven hours but I embrace it. Extended road trips are always exciting for me. It’s beautiful watching the scenery change before your very eyes when crossing states. I usually get to enjoy the sun falling from the highest point in the sky and witness the vibrant sunset live and die right in front of me. Although this time, it rained….and it kept sunsetraining….and it poured….and it stormed….until you just thought it was going to end and a light sprinkle turned back into a pour! I saw two odd looking tour buses that were driving through it all. The top was open and I felt really bad for the drivers. The tourbusbuses were cool looking though! I ended up losing a little time due to slow traffic, but I made it out safe and the rain eventually stopped.

Compared to the next turn of events, the rain was nothin’! As I was heading down the darkened highway, out of nowhere a huge black critter scurried right in my path. Thump, thump! Oh no! I felt awful! I am usually very aware of any creatures around me but it was so dark and it’s like the animal magically appeared in front of me. I never saw it coming! What was it, you ask? Well, immediately after, this horrific smell engulfed me. I felt like you could see a green stench cloud following my vehicle as I continued to cruise. Houston, we hit a skunk… and it was bad! I couldn’t tell if it was better to have the windows up or down. There really wasn’t a “better” way. It was just plain awful! And that smell followed me all the way home for the last three hours of the drive. Luckily it had faded by morning. I’m sorry for hitting the skunk but it got me back sky homewardgood!…..but bad!

Throughout my drive, I also saw a few planes landing, a powered parachute gliding across the sky, and many odd, “tricked” out vehicles. It was like everyone was putting on a show for me to watch!

Besides a few mishaps, overall it was a good ride home. If you think the drive home was exciting, just wait until I share what my family and I did while we were in Ohio! More posts and pictures to come about Lake Erie, Kelley’s Island, and Oak Openings Nature Preserve!


What’s your best (or worst) road trip story? Share a comment below and tell us about it! Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

“There’s no place like home.”

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  2. Laurie Avatar

    Yuk, scunks are one of the worst!!!! Sorry you had to smell it all the way home.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      😷😷💩💩 It was awful! Yet I still feel bad for killing the damn thing!

    2. Laurie Avatar

      Skunk, not scunk!!

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