2,000 and You!

I’ve been keeping this blog for just under a year and I am amazed on how focused it has kept me. I have never had such a great way to share my work, photos, and stories with all of you! Which is why I am writing this post… to honor all of YOU! Yes….YOU!

In less than a year, my blog has hit over 2,000 views and I want to share a special thanks to each and every one of you! An artist is nothing without an audience and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the support. It keeps me chugging along and pursuing my dreams!

Ya know, I thought it was the blog that was keeping me motivated but now I realize it’s my viewers! Every like, comment, and share makes me “gitty” inside and I appreciate the time you’ve spent following along on my journey! I am more proud of my work than ever and I hope to continue creating art that catches your eye!


My goal is to reach 5,000 views by my blog’s one year anniversary! Wish me luck and spread the love!

Until next time,

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are… it is our choices.”




6 responses to “2,000 and You!”

  1. Ohio Bluegill Avatar
    Ohio Bluegill

    Good luck on reaching your goal talented writing and great artwork keeps us coming back

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thank you!!! Your support goes a long way!

  2. Laurie Avatar

    You make it easy with the beautiful art you create! I also love the quotes at the end.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thanks!! Each quote is from a movie, with the exception of one being from a song.

  3. ERIEGIRL Avatar


    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Thank you!!! Thank you for your comments, views, support….all of the above!!! ✌🏻️🤓 It goes a long way!

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