Horsin’ Around

I had the opportunity to hang out with the horses at a friend’s farm the other day. The foals were being weaned the day after so I wanted to get pictures of them with their dams before they were separated.

They are all thoroughbreds and they are one of the most intelligent and curious breeds you will come across. The foals were following me everywhere and we even chased each other around the tree a few times. They were a pleasure to spend time with and I’m glad I got a few cute pictures of them, that is, when they weren’t shoving their muzzle into my camera lens! You just got to love a child’s spirit!

Have you been horsin’ around with an equine friend? Share your story in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by this week!

Until next time,

“You can say anything you want about me but I’m going to have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way.”




4 responses to “Horsin’ Around”

    • Thank you! The trio is my favorite too! The other mare (the dapple grey that I got an image of her eye, only) was being grumpy and didn’t want to be apart of the pictures!


    • Thank you! They have so much personality and each one is different! I love getting to know them all 😍🐎🐴✌


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