Down to the Bone

I have had a recent fascination with bones and skulls. There is a wide value scale going from shadows to hightlights. The texture of bone is unique with subtle ridges on the surface, keeping it from being perfectly smooth. The shapes, especially of skulls, vary greatly from species to species. With all this in mind, it becomes a fantastic subject for perfecting your drawing skills. 

Short and sweet update today. I have finished my butterfly/foal piece which I will be posting later this week. I have yet to decide what big project I will start next. No bones about it, I am going to be vigorous about using my sketchbook daily. I would really like to get into the habit of taking it with me everywhere so I can sketch on site whenever the urge rises. This will make it easier to actually accomplish daily sketching, using whatever free time I have available.

Thanks for stopping by this week!

Until next time,

“I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones.”

2 responses to “Down to the Bone”

    • Thank you! πŸ’™πŸ’š I want to start using charcoal more, which is what the human skull is done in. It gives a higher contrast which I really strive for.


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