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BW Giraffe

I have completed the ink for my latest totem animal piece. I have been wanting to create a giraffe piece for quite some time now. I drew one in high school in green colored pencil and eventually lost it. Ever since then I’ve wanted to bring it back to my collection. They are beautiful creatures with a unique pattern. It’s like Mother Earth has given them their own tangle to display proudly. It made my job simple. I completed this piece quickly and I am happy with the results. It is a gentle piece for a gentle giant.

There are four species of giraffe with five subspecies. They can only be found in Africa and are the tallest mammals in the world. They can reach heights of up to 19 ft.! The females give birth standing up, which gives their offspring about a five foot drop and a rude awakening!

Giraffes can survive with only 5-20 minutes of sleep a day and need only to drink water every few days. A lot of their hydration comes from the leaves they eat on the top of trees, high out of reach of other animals. Their tongues are about 21 inches long to give them even more of a reach!

Unfortunately, in 2016 the giraffe was moved on the IUCN red list to “vulnerable” which means they are at high risk of extinction. This is mainly due to poaching and habit loss. Within the last 30 years, their population has decreased by 40%! It is heart-breaking to see another fascinatingly unique creature slowly dwindle away. How many more must we lose before the world realizes we must respect wildlife and learn to coexist.

There are organizations working to help giraffes and conserve their existence. Below is a list of websites that can get you started if you would like to learn more. Thanks for stopping by this week. I hope you enjoyed my latest totem piece and learned something new about giraffes. Check back next Monday to learn the symbolism behind giraffe and see the completed piece in color.

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Ending quote from the movie “Casablanca”

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