Totem Animal: Flying Squirrel

What a goofy, little critter. These strange creatures are unique from other squirrels as they have a flappy membrane from there front to their back feet called a patagium. This is what allows them to fly, or rather glide, through the air. They are clumsy creatures on the ground so the will try to hide until they can return to the tree tops for safety. Another trait that makes them unique is that most of them are nocturnal. The fact that they only come out at night led to the recent discovery that certain species glow under UV light. Their underbellies glow a vibrant pink. After learning about this, I had to draw one for my next totem piece, even though I’ve already completed a red squirrel.

The drawing came out so bright and crazy! It’s very different from my other totems. The pink is so vibrant, I wanted to make sure I captured that unique trait the best I could! The blue and pink work well together. It was a lot of fun creating this piece and I can’t wait to try even more wild colors in the future! Now on to the symbolism!



Flying squirrels over all have the same lessons to teach as all squirrels. You can read general squirrel symbolism in a post I wrote a while back first if you like. Then come back to this one for a cherry on top.

Because they are nocturnal, the flying squirrel is connected to the moon. The moon is a strong symbol for feminine energy and the flying squirrel is known for fertility in some Native American lore. These little critters also teach us about balance. Perhaps it is time to balance our energies in order to glide, effortlessly, through our day to day. Maintaining balance will help us remain fertile in life, not only meaning family but in joys and riches as well.

Flying squirrels have huge, buggy eyes in order to see better in the dark. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Dangers could be right in front of you but if you refuse to see them, they will get you! Just like a hungry owl gets the flying squirrel. You may also want to check out Owl symbolism to see what could be lurking in the shadows.


I hope you enjoyed my latest totem and were able to gain some insight from the flying squirrel. Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? Share your story in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by this week!

Glide on, free spirits!


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9 responses to “Totem Animal: Flying Squirrel”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Hi! I came homes yesterday at 5:30pm to find a flying squirrel in my loft upstairs! I have no idea how it got in my house and I didn’t know it was a flying squirrel until my neighbor came over to help me get it outside. I look forward to reading its symbolisms!

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Hi Lisa! Wow! What a surprise! There’s definitely a message there for you! I always try to remember what I was thinking about right before the animal appears to me. This can help you pin point the area in your life that the animal is trying to help you with. I wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Ashley Avatar

    Hello Free Spirit Meg!! I too, have a Northern Flying Squirrel, or rather she has me! We’ve only been together a few months but she was rescued by my boyfriend from his cat in the middle of the night when she was just a couple months old. She holds my whole heart and I learn from her everyday! I found my way to your inspiring artwork as I began a search for knowledge as I’m inclined to believe she must be my spirit animal! Thank you for sharing your art & soul!

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Awww, I’m so glad he was able to save her and she’s lucky to have someone like you looking out for her! I saw your Instagram this morning! She is the cutest!!!!!! I truly believe all animals come to us for a reason. They have so much to share with us, we just have to be willing to listen! They will always show us the same respect we show them! Give Chin Chin a gentle hug from me and thanks so much for sharing your story!!! 💙⭐💙

  3. Alison Avatar

    Hello Meg! I had a dream the other night that a squirrel flew off a tree and landed on my head like a bonnet, then it jumped off me and went gliding into the night over me with a luminescent, iridescent, pink and rainbow belly web glowing in the night. The dream was so impactful I woke up and googled glowing squirrel or something to that effect to see what it meant. My search led me to your drawing which is miraculously nearly exactly what I saw in my dream! You are a beautiful artist. I have a question about whether you do commissioned work or would consider licensing me to use an existing piece as a logo. Would you be willing to contact me about that? Thank you for sharing your art with the world!

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Hi Alison! That is an awesome and vivid dream!! Thanks for sharing your story! Send me an email at and let me know what you had in mind for a commission and we can discuss details. Thanks again for reaching out! Take care free spirit!

  4. Shannon Avatar

    I actually have a flying squirrel (in addition to sugar gliders). I was recently reading some articles on how flying squirrels floresce under UV light when I came eacross this pictures. How perfect that you did it in pink because that’s what color they glow.

    1. Free Spirit Meg Avatar
      Free Spirit Meg

      Oh wow! That’s really cool! A few years back when I was a cashier, an older gentleman would come in to the store with his sugar glider in his chest pocket and bring it everywhere with him. It was cute! It must be cool having your own flying squirrel to keep you company. Does he/she glide through your house? Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you enjoyed my drawing! ✌😊

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