Spirit Animal: Fox Totem

The fox was calling to me and I was compelled to create this piece. The braided fur was something new I tried out and I’m happy with the outcome. It became quite mind boggling after a while, however, I got through it and the artwork turned out so much better than I had hoped. I love it when that happens! I wanted the image to extol the strength and beauty of fox. The green jewel is a representation of the third eye to really bring the magic to the piece. So what magic does fox have for us?


Fox is a versatile and powerful totem. There are many cultures all around the world that feel the power of fox. In fact, foxes can be found all over the world, living in every kind of habitat. From the forest to the fields; from the desert to the arctic. Fox can survive in any environment. This is a great skill to have. Being able to adapt in any situation helps to ensure your own survival.

To achieve this, you must first learn fox’s greatest lesson of camouflage. This is a time to be invisible and watch from a distance. Blend into the background. Observe and be unseen. Fox is sneaky. She can swiftly get by without anyone noticing. This is a great way to avoid unwanted attention right now. Also, learn what you need to from the situation before you pounce into action. Remaining in the background gives you the opportunity to scope everything out in order to choose the best course of action.

Sometimes fox is associated with deception. Someone may be trying to trick you. Right now, it is important to focus on people’s actions rather than their words. This is another situation where silent observation can give you an advantage. Pay attention to what people are doing around you. Don’t get caught off guard by someone’s ill intent.

Fox is known for being commonly found in the “in between”. She often travels on the edge of her habitat between meeting biomes. She is also nocturnal and travels between dusk and dawn. At dusk and dawn is when the veil is thinned between this realm and the magical world. All of this suggest that the fox can travel between realms. When you see fox in this instance perhaps the doors have been opened for you to travel to another realm. You can also call upon fox as a guide when you want to cross the veil.

Fox is a shapeshifter. Many cultures share stories of fox changing into a human. Fox is feminine energy. Some stories are of fox transforming into a beautiful maiden whom men would fall in love with. The men who were tempted must be able to see and respect the power of the ancient feminine (within themselves or another) and transform or otherwise face certain doom. Destructive men will often lead themselves to their own destruction.

Fox is also earth energy. They live in dens within the earth and blend with nature to become one with it. Putting the feminine and earth energy together creates a powerful protector. Fox is a great protector of family. Call on fox when you need assistance protecting the ones closest to you.

On the contrary, fox could be telling you that you are spending too much time hiding. Are you feeling excluded, unappreciated or pushed aside? You have been sitting quietly in the back for too long. It is time to pounce! You have learned the ins and outs of what lies before you and it is time to strike with haste and precision and tackle your target!


There is so much to learn from this beautiful creature. Has the fox been calling to you? What message does it hold? Share your story in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Stay magical, free spirits!

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