Free Spirit WIP

Spring came and then the snow followed! At least where I am! I’m scratching my head confused as to how this happened. Two days ago I was thinking about wearing shorts. Today I have two pairs of pants and three shirts on, struggling to stay warm! Baffling!

Well, enough about weather. Let’s talk art! I’ve had a lot going on and don’t have any completed pieces to share this week so I decided to share a WIP (work in progress). I am working on another dog portrait. By the image you can probably guess the breed. With every wrinkle I add to this image the more it makes me laugh. I am having a lot of fun with this one! I can’t wait to finish it.

I also have a few sketches I would like to do. I know too many people who have lost pets recently and I would like to do something in their memory.

I have many more ideas but let’s not get to far ahead! If I get too ambitious I’ll get overwhelmed!

Stay tuned for my next post featuring my completed piece.

Until next time,

“I’ll be back.”

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